1. A cooperative is a business where
    1. the workers cooperate with each other and help each other.
    2. all the workers are owners.
    3. the owner cooperates well with the employees.

  2. In a cooperative,
    1. decisions are made by the boss.
    2. decisions are made democratically by all the workers.
    3. decisions are made by a few workers.

  3. Eco-friendly housecleaning is
    1. housecleaning done by friendly cleaners.
    2. housecleaning which is both economical and friendly.
    3. housecleaning which does not hurt the environment.

  4. The housecleaning jobs at Natural Home Cleaning
    1. have benefits and pay well.
    2. are in a toxic environment.
    3. are problematic.

  5. Natural Home Cleaning employees use a lot of
    1. single-use disposable items.
    2. products that are toxic and require a lot of water.
    3. products that are less toxic and require less water.

  6. The houses that are cleaned by Natural Home Cleaning employees
    1. have a lingering smell of chemicals.
    2. give people respiratory problems.
    3. don't smell like chemicals.

  7. WAGES (Women's Action to Gain Economic Security)
    1. sends workers out to clean people's homes.
    2. tries to earn a lot of money for their stockholders.
    3. helps start cooperatives where workers can take care of themselves and their clients in healthy, safe, environments.

  8. The workers in the cooperatives get experience
    1. in how to run a business.
    2. in how to make decisions democratically.
    3. in both A and B above.