Participial Adjectives

Choose the correct form to fill in the blank.
  1. Mary thinks that trying to learn how to knit is very __________ because she keeps making mistakes.
    1. frustrating
    2. frustrated

  2. The students said they didn't want to study with that teacher because of her __________ lessons.
    1. confused
    2. confusing

  3. The __________ landlord told his neighbor to make his dog stop barking all the time.
    1. irritating
    2. irritated

  4. Alice spent all day chasing her two little kids around the playground, so she was really __________.
    1. exhausting
    2. exhausted

  5. The __________ driver caused an accident while he was talking on his cell phone.
    1. distracting
    2. distracted

  6. The man thought being stuck in an elevator during the earthquake was a __________ experience.
    1. terrifying
    2. terrified

  7. All the students like to attend that teacher's class because her lessons are not __________.
    1. boring
    2. bored

  8. The lake was very dirty, and the water looked __________.
    1. disgusted
    2. disgusting

  9. It was a really __________ basketball game, and all the fans were yelling and jumping up and down.
    1. excited
    2. exciting

  10. May is glad she hasn't gotten as many __________ phone calls from telemarketers (people who try to sell things over the telephone) since she put her phone number on the government's list.
    1. annoying
    2. annoyed

  11. The teacher spelled a word wrong on the blackboard and thought it was an __________ experience.
    1. embarrassing
    2. embarrassed

  12. The __________ child covered his head when he heard the loud noise.
    1. frightening
    2. frightened