Used to and be used to

Used to and Be Used to

  1. I rarely eat in a restaurant. I __________ at home.
    1. used to eat
    2. am used to eating

  2. During my first year in the U.S., I __________ scared whenever someone spoke to me in English.
    1. used to get
    2. was used to getting scared

  3. Now that I have been in this country for several years, I __________ English.
    1. used to speak
    2. am used to speaking

  4. I __________ to school, so I don't get tired.
    1. used to walk
    2. am used to walking

  5. She just started to smoke and she coughs a lot. She __________ yet.
    1. didn't use to smoke
    2. isn't used to smoking

  6. Every Sunday I go swimming in the swimming pool. At first I got very tired, but now I __________.
    1. used to swim
    2. am used to swimming

  7. He __________, but he stopped.
    1. used to smoke
    2. is used to smoking

  8. I __________ piano, but now I don't because we don't have one.
    1. used to play
    2. am used to playing

  9. They danced all night but they didn't get tired because they __________ .
    1. used to dance
    2. are used to dancing

  10. They __________ many years ago before they got married. Now they don't dance anymore.
    1. used to dance
    2. are used to dancing