English 30A: American Literature, Beginnings to Civil War English 1B (online-hybrid): Reading, Writing, and Critical Thinking about Literature
This spring, for the first time in CCSF's history, we will be offering an early American literature survey course, ENGL 30A: American Literature, Beginnings to Civil War.  This literature elective should be a lot of fun; plus it should pretty much transfer anywhere.  We will explore a wide range of texts, contexts, and voices while thinking and writing very critically about the idea of America in terms of nation and narration.
ENGL 30A will meet TR, 12:40-1:55, in Batmale 551.
Cain's American Lit
Cain's American Literature
Katchor's THE JEW OF NY
Katchor's The Jew of New York
sun Spring '15 students, I will be teaching two different online ENGL 1B classes,
both with mandatory Ocean Campus meetings in Rosenberg Library 205E,
which is connected to the English Lab.

> Section 831 is a full-term online course (18 weeks) with three mandatory 10:30-1 Saturday meetings: 1/17 orientation*, 3/14 midterm exam, 5/16 final exam.

> Section 832 is a late-start online course (12 weeks) with three mandatory 4-7pm Monday meetings: 2/2 orientation*, 3/16 midterm workshop, 4/27 final exam.

Books: Reading and Writing about Literature: A Portable Guide (Gardner, 3rd edition)

A critical edition of Hamlet
(Ed. by Wofford, 1994)

Lots of public domain online materials will also be linked from our course . . .

More on 1B . . .

If you have emailed me about adding online English 1B, please note that students on the waitlist--in the order that Web4 at MyCCSF lists them--will have first crack at any vacant seats/screens.  As you probably know, when the roster filled up during pre-registration an electronic waitlist was activated.  Maybe you are already on the waitlist. Maybe you've even been upgraded from the waitlist to the official roster. Please do not email me to give you priority status or to put you on that list; this can only be done via Web4 during preregistration. Add codes will be given at the mandatory orientation if there are seats/screens available, and those codes will only be given to students who attend the mandatory orientation. 

*Full course access will begin at the mandatory orientation, the first class, a required face-to-face session.

*Those not in attendance will lose their seat/screen to those on the waitlist.

Textbook information is at the CCSF bookstore's site.

If you miss our first class, the mandatory orientation, you will not be in the class because the orientation is, well, mandatory.  Keep "mandatory" in mind if you enroll in the course again next term.  For future info, refer again to this page, as directed by the CCSF class schedule and the CCSF Distance Ed page, which, like this page, you should have seen upon registering for the course.  Remember, CCSF has replaced WebCT with Moodle, an open source course management system.  See insight.ccsf.edu.

For future reference...

Here's how things will go down at the on-campus orientation.  If you are unable to register online for the course or the waitlist but attend the mandatory orientation and somebody on the roster or waitlist is absent, then you might luck out and take their seat. You will need to have English 1B eligibility proof in hand (CCSF documentation) or online (Web4), though, in order to be added.  Please see the English Eligibility Coordinator to verify that you are indeed eligible for the course.  Showing me a transcript from SFSU or another school will not cut it.  You will need CCSF paperwork from the Eligibility Coordinator.  If you are added during the mandatory orientation, you will be given an add sticker, but your course access will not begin until Banner, the school's registration, processes your enrollment the following work day.

NOTE--If you register for this course--or the waitlist--and also register for a face-to-face 1B, the system will bump you out of the online 1B roster or waitlist. 

Please also check www.cvc.edu for online 1B courses offered by other California colleges.  Or, try CCSF again next term.

This is an enjoyable class, but it is not an easy class.  The workload will be constant--but manageable and rewarding. Do not assume that this is easier than a face-to-face 1B. If you have never taken an online course, this one may be great for you . . . or it may be a disaster.  Every week you will have a quiz, a healthy amount of reading, a variety of ways to exchange ideas in the discussion forum, and ongoing research--plus papers due every few weeks, of course, since this is still a composition class. If you have questions, email me at ckleinman@ccsf.edu

Dr. Kleinman

Oh, and if you're eligible for English 1B, you're also eligible for online English 1C and most of the English electives.  For more about CCSF English courses, labs, and the English Major, jump to www.ccsf.edu/english.

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