Office Location

All of my courses are online; I do not have a brick and mortar office. If you need to speak to someone in person, please go to the CS Department Office in Batmale 456.

Email Address

Send your questions to my .

Website URL
Office hours (online)

Wednesdays 3–5pm

I am available to registered students via Walled Garden Mail (iMail) to answer your questions about the coursework in real time. All discussion is public and becomes part of the permanent course archive available to all students.

If you are not registered in a CCSF course, or you are registered and wish to contact me about personal matters such as a temporary absence from the course, your grades, or for other matters that do not belong in the public class forums, please .

Response Time for Email and Class Forums


I check my CCSF email at least every other day during the week and answer emails within three working days. My CCSF work week is from Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm. I do not work evenings or weekends. If you send me an email Friday evening, I will not reply before the first workday of the following week, which is usually a Monday. When a holiday falls on a Monday, I will respond on Tuesday.

Course Forums

The forums are one of the important resources we have from maintaining a sense of community in online courses. I want all class discussion to take place on the forums. If you have questions about the class assignments, quizzes, or other aspects of the coursework, post your questions to the forums. If you email me questions that rightfully belong on the forums, I will cordially ask you to post your questions on the forums so that everyone can be in on the discussion.

Grading Timeline

Each semester I grade about 1,000 assignments for all of my courses. This takes considerable time, but I make every effort to grade all assignments and quizzes within one week from due date. If I cannot grade your assignments within one week, I will post a notice on the class forums to let you know when I will be finished grading.

Academic Activity Notification

It is mandatory that you be academically active in your CCSF classes. If you are inactive in the class for an extended period of time, you will be considered a No-Show and will be dropped from the course. I will send you an email regarding your no-show status with a drop date. If you correct your no-show status by becoming academically engaged in the course, you will not be dropped.

Emergencies, Outages, and Technical Problems

CCSF technical resources are occasionally not available due to scheduled maintenance or system failure. Notices of scheduled maintenance is usually displayed prominently on the home page of Insight, or in your login session on the CCSF Unix accounts. Technical problems, however, can happen without warning. In most cases these technical problems are resolved within minutes. It is possible, however, that they can take hours, or even days, to resolve.

  • If you find that you cannot log in to Insight, your primary contact point is Insight Online Course Support where you can submit a support ticket.
  • If you are having a problem with your Hills account, send me an email at my CCSF email address and I will contact the system administrator for you.
Contingency Plan

In the unlikely case that you cannot contact me, either by email or the course Walled Email or through the course forums (always keeping in mind that it can take up to three days for me to respond to your email or forum post), please contact the CS Department Chair Craig Persiko in Batmale 456. The CS Department Contact information is available on the CS Department Contact page.