Fabio Saniee, Dr. Engr.

Faculty, Engineering and Technology Department

City College of San Francisco



Spring 2016 Engineering Classes:


Classes at International Studies Academy (ISA) High School:


ENGN 99 "Intro. to Prototype Making"

(for ISA High School students only)

ENGN 48L "Intro. to Engineering Technology"

(for ISA High School students only)


Classes at City College of San Francisco (CCSF):


CAD 180 Intro. to Technical Drawing 1.0

32093 501 L/L W 06:10-09:40PM 01/20-03/16 SCIE U143


CAD 181
Intro to Comp Aided Draf-CAD I 3.0

ADVISE: CAD 180,or ET 104, or 1 year H.S. Drafting

31738 501 L/L T 06:10-10:00PM CLOU U203


CAD 187 HVAC/Pipe CAD Design 3.0

ADVISE: ARCH 214 or CAD 181 or demonstration

of CAD exit skills

37235 501 L/L R 06:10-10:00PM CLOU U213

ENGN 36 Engineering Mechanics-Statics 3.0

PREREQ.: ENGN 10B; PHYC 4A; and MATH 110C, which

may be taken concurrently

35035 831 Onl HOURS ARR . 
 Orientation Session on Wednesday January 20, 2016 
in Science 47 (basement) 5-6 PM.
 For more information click here.
 For the Partial course syllabus click here     


  ENGN 91 "Applied Engineering and Technology" Work Experience Class


34077 001 Exp HOURS ARR

Project Oriented Work Experience Class:

Student must consult this instructor or other instructors in this department prior

to registering.



This is a relatively new course and is still under development.

It is designed to serve several purposes with the following attributes

in mind.

-          Undergraduate R&D Experience

-          Highly multidisciplinary

-          Highly student driven

-          Highly career oriented

-          Very flexible

-          Project driven

-          Types of activities matching students skill sets and interests

-          Individual or team oriented

-          Produces a useful result or serve a useful purpose

-          Professional portfolio development required at the end

-          Provoking students inner potential and talents via discovery driven design and development


Office:   Science Building, Room 24 (basement)

Office hours:   Tuesdays and Thursdays 5-6 PM

OR by appointment

Telephone/Voice Mail:  (415) 452-5282


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