Fabio Saniee, Dr. Engr.                                         

  Faculty, Engineering and Technology Department­­­­­

  City College of San Francisco



Fall 2015 Engineering Classes:


Classes at City College of San Francisco (CCSF):


 CAD 180 "Intro. to Technical Drawings" Short Term Ends in October

 71933 501 L/L   W   06:10-10:00PM 08/17-10/14             SCIE  U143


CAD 181 "Intro. to Computer Aided Design - CAD I                 3.0

71689 501 L/L  T    06:10-10:00PM                          CLOU  U203


 ENGN 36   Engineering Mechanics: Statics Online Class

74795 831 Onl       HOURS ARR 

 Orientation Session on Monday August 17, 2015 
 in Science 47 (basement) 5-6 PM.
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  ENGN 91 "Applied Engineering and Technology" Work Experience Class


74232 001 Exp       HOURS ARR   


 Project Oriented Work Experience Class:

 Student must consult this instructor or other instructors in this department prior

 to registering. 



This is a relatively new course and is still under development.

It is designed to serve several purposes with the following attributes

in mind.

-          Undergraduate R&D Experience

-          Highly multidisciplinary

-          Highly student driven

-          Highly career oriented

-          Very flexible

-          Project driven

-          Types of activities matching students skill sets and interests

-          Individual or team oriented

-          Produces a useful result or serve a useful purpose

-          Professional portfolio development required at the end

-          Provoking students inner potential and talents via discovery driven design and development


  Office:   Science Building, Room 24 (basement)

  Office hours:   Tuesdays 5-6 PM

                             Wednesdays 5-6 PM

                         OR by appointment      

 Telephone/Voice Mail:  (415) 452-5282

  Email:  fsaniee@ccsf.edu

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