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CS 130A Information:

There will be not be an orientation with course. This course is online except for the final exam. This course has course advisories. Please check the course schedule or college catalog for the details. Students trying to complete this course without these advisories typically have a much tougher time and spend many more hours trying to complete the assignments. I strongly recommend that you don't take CS110A or CS111A and CS130A at the same time. Why do I make that recommendation? One reason is that is usually very time consuming to take two programming courses at the same time. The other reason for my recommendation is because there is a lot of different things to learn in this class. You need to know Insight, Linux (hills), HTML, MySQL, PHP and introductory programming concepts. Quite a lot more than a normal introductory course. Out of the these typically the most difficult is the introductory programming concepts. So if, you have had CS 110A or 111A or an equivalent class then you have already been exposed to the programming concepts which allows you to spend more time on the other aspects of the course. Please contact me if you have additional questions.

The final exam is an in-class exam. However, you will not be allowed to electronic devices during the final exam.


To access online courses click on the Insight Link and follow the login and/or problem resolution instructions. If you have any questions please email me at lgiambat@ccsf.edu