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CNIT 100: Introduction to Computers
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Last modified 1/10/14

Spring 2014
Spring 2014
Spring 2014

Introduction to computers using PC's

(Includes Microsoft Office 2010 training using Myitlab; students do not have to own Office 2010 to take this class.)

This class is 100% online, and the on campus orientation is optional.


  1. If you are not a current student, follow these instructions to be admitted (returning students must also fill out an admissions application): How to Enroll
  2. Add the class using Web4. (If the class is full, put yourself on the wait list.  If you don't automatically get in by the first day of classes, email me.)
  3. Check your CCSF Google mail account ( for login instructions just before classes start.  You will also be required to read these emails at least once a week during the semester.
    Google Mail Instructions



City College uses Insight (based on Moodle), a tool for online courses - I need to contact you with login information.  After you register for this class, you should:

  1. Check your City College Google mail address ( for all official emails about Insight, including your password and login instructions.  Login instructions will be sent before the semester begins. 
    How to access CCSF Google Mail  

  2. You can buy the custom textbook package, information in the syllabus. This textbook package is required.

  3. Insight will send you your password just before the semester officially begins.  Your login name will be your CCSF student ID, with a lowercase letter.  If your ID begins with @, you'll have to use an x.  Class meets at

  4. There is also an optional face to face orientation at the City College campus. See the link above.


If you are officially pre-registered in the class, your password will be emailed to you just before the semester officially begins. (If you've taken an Insight class before, use your same password - a new one will not be emailed to you.)  Our class "meets" at this website, the brand new Insight2:

Your login name will be your CCSF student ID, with a lowercase letter.  If your ID begins with @, you'll have to use an x.

Class will be available by 8am on the first day classes begin for the semester.  You are required to log in at the above URL within 7 days of the start of class or you might be dropped.

If you add the class after pre-registration, then you will be able to login within 24 hours or on Monday if you add on a Friday.  Log in as soon as possible.

If you do not log in to Insight every week, you will be dropped from class.


Online courses provide students an opportunity to learn at home with a more relaxed schedule than a regular class.  However, you also should understand that online courses are not for everyone. To succeed, you have to be self-motivated, possess good study skills, and be an independent learner. Most students find that online courses are as challenging as on-campus courses.
First, take a short self evaluation to help you decide if online courses are right for you. Next, check to make sure you meet the minimum hardware and software requirements. When you're ready to enroll, follow the steps in "How to Enroll in an Online Course".


CNIT 100 is a computer literacy course using PC computers.  You will learn about computer components such as hardware, software, and data.  You will also learn practical computer usage, such as how to use the Windows operating system and applications such as Word Processing and Spreadsheets.   In this class you will learn to use computers to:

  • write papers
  • organize information
  • use spreadsheets
  • use an Office 2010 simulation program (myitlab) which requires purchasing an individual key code, available online or in our bookstore.  It's included in the textbook package - don't buy the textbook by itself.

You can use a computer in our CCSF computer lab to do your work, or at home , as long as Windows XP, 2000 or Vista is your operating system.  We will learn Office 2010 using MyITLab, which is an online Office simulation training and testing program that requires Windows.  You do not have to own Office 2010, although it is useful to have it for practice and some homework assignments.  You'll see there is a discounted Microsoft Office you can buy as a City College student if you want to own it.