CCSF's new Web site and site design

As many of you know, the college's web site has been redesigned. Those who have been trained in creating pages on the new site are free to create personal pages there, under their department page, depending on department heads' approval.

CCSF policy now directs instructors and staff wishing to have personal pages to Google Sites on the CCSF domain. To do so, you must have a CCSF Google account. Apply for one at:

Confirmation comes through your CCSF GroupWise email. Watch for training on Google apps on the TLC Training pages.

November 2008 : New version of Contribute: CS4

You can look at a list of new features to check whether you need to upgrade. Note that the new version adds support for MS Office 2007 - which we won't officially use at CCSF for at least a year...and by then Contribute will have yet another version.

September 2008: The future of Contribute at CCSF 1: Moving to the fog server

The TLC started in Spring of 2007 to move Contribute-based sites with the address (starting with www instead of fog) to a new computer that became CCSF's fog server.

Steps in the process:

  1. After contacting everyone with a Contribute site on www that had not been updated for a year to ask if people wanted to hang on, or have their site deleted.
  2. We deleted sites for those no longer interested and moved some others over to fog, so that their address changed from to
  3. They chose to Either
    » Move (copy over) existing materials from www to fog
    » Or: Start over from scratch

If you have a Contribute site with an address starting with www, you can have your site moved or start over on the new fog server. You'll have 1 GB of storage that's all your own! Contact Vic for more info.

January 1007: Contribute pages on the fog server

Because of space limitations and changes behind the scenes on our CCSF servers (the large computers that actually hold your web pages), all new Contribute sites are on the fog server. So, addresses start with instead of Otherwise, things look the same.

Some of our new developers' sites:

Other differences from sites:


Instead of using keys, new Contribute users enter their own site information into Contribute's built-in screens. This is still a one-time process on each Contribute computer, but doesn't involve downloading a key. Differences between Mac and Windows OS, different browsers and even different browser versions complicated key installs to the point where we decided to do without.

Individual size limits

On the www server, everyone was actually part of the same web site. On fog, each site is individual, which makes it possible to monitor the size of the files uploaded and in most cases, limit web site size to 50 Megabytes. On www if a few people uploaded a lot and the entire site exceeded size limits - suddenly NOBODY could work on their site anymore. Not good! This happened in 2006.

On the new fog server, everyone has a personal allocation (not shared with anyone else) of 1 GB of space. That's four times as much as before.

What's the same:

  • Convenient updating: Connect, update and publish from inside Contribute
  • Templates provided for a uniform, designer look
  • Training in two 2-1/2 hour sessions, usually on one day at the beginning and end of the semester or during intersessions: Schedule available on the TLC Web site.
  • Basic Computer and Web skills needed. A Workshop to brush up provided before every Contribute Training day.
  • Followup Update sessions regularly scheduled: Time to change/update/add to your site with trainers and lab assistants at hand for advice, questions and support. Times again posted on the TLC Workshops page.
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