CCSF offers faculty and staff many different ways to maintain a web presence.
Find the one that's best for you.

Ways to Create a CCSF Faculty Web Presence





Offers Students

Instructor Impact

Summary page on CCSF web-based Faculty Directory

Course info, Office hours,   Photo (if instructor provides one)
Web Address: Reachable through the CCSF web site Faculty/Staff directory links

0-1 0-1

Current course and contact info – small effort required to add office hrs, additional text, etc.

Nothing to do!

Every faculty person has a page like this by default. You can add additional information using a Web browser.

Faculty in Review

(Contact the Office of Public Information - 239-3680 - to set up a Faculty in Review page)

Faculty Photo and Bio
Web Address: Reachable through the CCSF web site Faculty in Review departmental pages:



Students view picture of instructor and learn about instructor’s background and teaching philosophy.

Minimal effort – just write a short bio and take the time to have picture taken.


Faculty Web Template and Contribute

Use this website or Contact the TLC for info. 239-3554 (Carol) and 452-5318 (Vic)

All of the above plus documents

  • Attractive template
  • Easy to use
  • Training provided
  • Flexibility: Instructor provides pictures, documents, information for web pages

Web Address:

Instructors' userid is usually the first initial of first name + up to 7 letters of last name. Also used at CCSF for GroupWise email address.

2 2

All of above

Instructor can provide handouts, course information, web-based resources, and more

No student accounts necessary – public access

Instructor can make handouts, syllabi, other course info available to students 24/7

Instructor saves class time previously used replacing lost handouts, distributing info to students who were absent, etc.

Instructor must update information


Contact the TLC for info. 239-3554.

Many course management features- quiz, private email, discussion board, etc.

  • Private area- password required
  • Private student email

2+ - 3


No public access

Additional materials can be provided – teach act

Quiz and assignment tools

Gradebook viewable by students

Private class Email, discussion, and chat

A course management tool offering many features

All is in one place for instructor

Instructors must update class list / accounts each semester

“Fog” site without Contribute and templates

Submit the ITS Request for Computer Account form. Under the category "Other Types of Accounts" indicate "Special Project Web Site" and write "Faculty website on FOG" in the space for additional information.

Get the form from the Help Desk (239-3711) or the TLC.

Anything instructor can learn to do using HTML, or a web editor such as FrontPage or Dreamweaver.

Maximum effort for minimal return – except for faculty satisfaction and autonomy

Web address:



Everything except private mail, discussion, gradebook, etc.

Very time and energy intensive. Teacher must learn high end web design applications. But teacher has autonomy and flexibility.

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