What is is like to make a Faculty Web site with Contribute?

Using a set of templates and an easy-to-use web editor, Macromedia's Contribute, faculty can create and maintain an instructional website with a manageable learning curve and time commitment.

The level of skill needed to enter data and edit it each semester requires minimal training and is on a par with word processing. The project is designed for faculty members who want to have a CCSF Web site to provide students with course information, but who don’t want to learn how to create one using a complicated web browser or HTML.

Easy, but not for beginners....

However, the training is at a low intermediate level. If you are not fluent with using a browser to navigate the web and fill out online forms, and at ease with basic computer skills like word processing, copying and pasting, and running multiple programs, these sessions are not for you.

Compare the effort and difficulty of making a page using the template and Contribute with other ways faculty can use at CCSF to create a web presence.

To be able to concentrate on Contribute during the accelerated training and succeed with your web site, you need to have mastered the following basic skills. The TLC provides a Computer Skills for Contribute workshop (2.5 hours) that covers all these areas, as well as other workshops in related areas such as preparing pictures for the Web, and using GroupWise, Word, and PowerPoint.

If you don't have these skills at your fingertips, we suggest delaying Contribute until you do. TLC staff (Vic Fascio and Carol Reitan) will be happy to work with you toward this goal.

The CCSF Network

  • Logging in
  • Keeping track of and changing your password
  • Using your network drive

The Windows Operating system

  • Understanding how your local hard drive is organized
  • Looking at data on floppies, zip disks and CDs
  • Looking at different folders on your hard drive
  • Keeping track of your documents
  • Creating, renaming and deleting folders
  • Moving and copying documents
  • Transferring documents from the Mac
  • Working in several programs at the same time
  • Cutting and pasting

Browsing the Internet

  • Web addresses
  • Email addresses on Web pages
  • Downloading pictures and documents
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader and .pdf files
  • Links and popup pages

GroupWise email

  • Logging in
  • Password considerations
  • Creating folders
  • Moving messages to folders
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Last updated: 05/30/2007