Contribute's ease of use depends in large part on the use of predesigned templates. Templates are pages containing design elements and required text, placed by the designer in non-editable areas of the page. A user of the template can enter text, add tables and pictures and other elements in editable areas.

So the user's concentration is on content, because the form—the basic design—of the page is pre-set. For many of us, this saves a lot of time.

At CCSF there are three main templates to choose from. The images on the right below are thumbnails of the template as it looks while editing in Contribute. Editable areas are surrounded by an aqua line, with an aqua name tag. Clicking on the thumbnail shows the template if it were published as is to the Web.

The first is the index page—the user's home page. Everyone gets one of these, and the first Contribute training session is largely devoted to making it your own.

Editable areas are marked in aqua in the thumbnail. The pictures at the top (from CCSF's Diego Rivera mural), some headings, and required text and links at the bottom are not editable.

Some finished examples:

Thumbnail of Index page

The Course page, with areas for Course name, Prerequisites, Textbook, Syllabus, Announcements and Resources.

Some finished examples:

Thumbnail of course page template

The Generic page simply provides a neutral framework for anything you want to add. Use your ingenuity!

Some finished examples:

Thumbnail of generic page
Other templates include a blank Calendar and a special generic page for teachers who require Asian or Russian character sets.


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Last updated: 08/03/2009