In 2004, Barbara Stewart, then TLC Coordinator, and Patricia Delich, senior instructional designer in the Education Technology Department, collaborated on a grant from SBC to investigate the question of how Faculty members could create web sites to provide information to students about CCSF courses. They discovered the Contribute program created by Macromedia (now Adobe). Contribute allows people with minimal web experience to create web pages drawing on skills from simple word processing. Basic design is handled by using templates designed in Dreamweaver.

The level of skill needed to enter data and edit it each semester requires minimal training and is on a par with word processing. The project is designed for faculty members who want to have a CCSF Web site to provide students with course information, but who don’t want to learn how to create one using a complicated web browser or HTML.

Templates and images

Diver from Diego Rivera MuralMain and Course Page Web templates with a Diego Rivera theme make it easy for faculty to enter their schedules, office hours and course information using Adobe Contribute. And an additional generic page allows originality.

The templates and most images used on the site were prepared by former CCSF student Natalia Kutygina. These include all the images from the Diego Rivera Mural, the backgrounds, and the TLC and CCSF logos. We continue to thank her for her lovely work. You can see samples of some of her other sites at

Pan-American Unity (1940) by Diego Rivera is the source of many of the images used on these pages. The mural is housed on the CCSF campus in the Diego Rivera Theater. Docents are on hand to answer viewer questions about the mural.

Pilots and mentees

Fifteen original pilot participants created pages using Contribute during Fall, 2004. During Spring, 2005, these faculty worked with four colleagues as "mentees" to help them create instructional web sites. Mentees were trained by the TLC and assisted by their mentors throughout the semester.


Here's what folks said about the pilot project...

"...I have found the website useful in a way I hadn't expected: on the 1st day of classes, I had lots of students wanting to get waitlisted. I gave out handouts only to those registered - and verbally went over the main points of attendance, grading, etc. And I was able to tell the 20+ waiting that all the info was on my website if they didn't catch everything ... "

"... I have found what I was really looking for!"

"...So far I have found Contribute to be easy to
use, easy to figure out, I like Contribute a lot!"

"My family was impressed by my site. I have risen to a whole new level in the eyes of my teenager."

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