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Aug 2010: Display problems with Contribute CS4:

The newest version of Contribute confuses the display when you type into a text box. The solution is to erase first, then enter your text-it won't look right when editing, but displays properly in a browser. You don't have to delete everything in the box, just the paragraph you are working with.

Our underlying templates now contain outdated coding: another reason to move to Google Sites (see below).

Fall 2010: Reconnect to your Contribute site in thenew lab:

The computers in the TLC's Batmale 313 lab have been upgraded. They are now running Windows7 and an updated version of Contribute.

Many folks had established connections from lab computers and work regularly on their sites in our lab. You will have to redo those connections on the new machines. Updated instructions should help and we'll schedule drop-in times when help will be available.

August 2010: The future of Contribute at CCSF

Those with Contribute sites on the fog server can continue using them for the foreseeable future. If you did not take advantage of the opportunity to change from the www server, the future of your Contribute site is more uncertain.

The path from Contribute

ITS now encourages those who want to set up a new educational site to use Google sites inside the CCSF Google Domain. The first step is to obtain a CCSF Google account by filling the online application form.

Then look at the CCSF Google workshop schedule for the Fall and see if Google Apps and Sites are for you. Then pre-register for a workshop.

What is Contribute?

Contribute CS3 boxContribute, created by Macromedia, the SF-based company that also created Dreamweaver, is a new type of program that allows you to add content to Web pages in order to set up your own Web site.
Contribute is designed to overcome many of the hurdles associated with web design and offer the benefits of a Web presence without a steep learning curve or extensive time commitment.

Skills Needed

However, the training is at an intermediate level. If you are not fluent with using a browser to navigate the web and fill out online forms, and at ease with basic computer skills like word processing, copying and pasting, and running multiple programs, these sessions are not for you. Take a look at a checklist of skills needed for Contribute.

The TLC provides a workshop that can help upgrade your skills and help you to evaluate if it's wise to go ahead. It also provides a preview of Contribute. It is usually scheduled before the Contribute starter sessions.

Buying Contribute

Because of budget constraints, the TLC cannot provide you with a copy of Contribute. The program is available for use in our Faculty/Staff lab computers (Mac and Windows) in Batmale 313 as well as in L422. It is also installed on selected computers at most networked CCSF campuses. To keep your site secure, remember to log into your own account before using Contribute on a shared CCSF computer! Contribute 4 has replaced Contribute 3 on those computers.

What should you buy:

  • First time buyers: Contribute CS4 - from Adobe's Education site
  • If you already have an earlier version: Adobe doesn't provide a lower-priced upgrade version of Contribute, so you have to buy the full product at the Ed price (about the same as the usual upgrade level). But we've found that all versions from 4 up continue to work fine.

Using Contribute at CCSF makes it simple to:

  • Create attractive and functional Web pages based on templates created by a Web designer (so you don’t have to worry about making your pages pretty)
  • Connect to the CCSF Web server to establish and update a Web site
  • Transfer Web pages from your computer so that they are visible to anyone who types your CCSF Web address into a browser
  • Update information on your site as easily as typing text into your word processor

Using Contribute to create your CCSF Web site

In CCSF’s Technology Learning Center (TLC) Contribute project, support staff set up a pre-designed index (home) page for you as the starting point for your own, personalized site. To create additional pages, you start with one of several templates created by a designer (and approved by the appropriate CCSF committees). The blank site awaits information that you supply for the world to see!




Connecting to your Contribute site:

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