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  • Moderate Computer and Web skills are required
  • Contribute Training consists of two 2.5 hour sessions.
    • Contribute I: Connecting to your site and Creating the Main Page
    • Contribute II: Adding Additional Pages, uploading documents, images, and more
  • See the TLC workshops page for the upcoming schedule
  • Preregistration is required
  • Bring to the training any documents and pictures that you wish to display or make available in whole or in part on your web site

Your Web Address

All new Faculty web sites with Contribute are on the fog server. Your address will be:

—where userid is your login to CCSF computers/GroupWise email - usually the first letter of your first name and up to the first 7 letters of your last name.

Pre-training Skills workshop (optional, based on self-assessment)

Workshops covering Computer Skills relevant to using Contribute are offered for those who need to brush-up. They are usually given just before the main training sessions. See the TLC workshops page for the upcoming schedule.

Maintaining your site

The TLC also schedules web site maintenance/update sessions to help with all aspects of updating and adding to yoursite. No pre-reg is necessary for these drop-in sessions. They are usually scheduled at the beginning and end of all semesters, sometimes during intersession, and on Independent Flex day (the day before Flex).

Sites not updated for 6 months will have their link removed from the Faculty Directory. (Nothing will happen to the sites! Don't worry, they just won't be linked to the Directory until they are current.)

How to Pre-register

  1. You need CCSF Network and Email (GroupWise) accounts. Please send in the form to obtain these accounts at least 3 weeks before the scheduled workshops to allow time for setup. If you are new to these CCSF resources, we suggest that you come to Computer Skills for Contribute workshop to practice logging in and to get comfortable with CCSF hardware and software.

  2. You also need an account that gives you space on the fog server. You may already have an old fog account, but, if not, please obtain the form entitled:
    Information Technology Services Request for Computer Account.
    • Under the category Other Types of Accounts: Check the box beside Special Project Web Site and write Faculty Contribute web site on fog in the Any additional information space.
    • Request the form by calling the Help Desk at 239-3711.
    • Please submit the form at least two weeks before the training date.

  3. Pre-registration is required. Fill out the online application or download the MS Word version and mail to Carol Reitan at LB2. For more info or to get a form through campus mail, call Carol Reitan at 239-3554 or Vic Fascio at 452-5318. Applications are due about two 2 weeks prior to a training session (to give us time to set up your account) . Please check the current flyers and online calendars for specific dates and time.

  4. If you already have a web site on fog, please let us know how you want to handle it. You can keep the pages and link to them from your Contribute site—or vice-versa. You may want to copy material from your old site to your new one. Or you may wish simply to delete your old pages.
    Please make sure that you can log in to your fog space. If you can't please contact Vic Fascio by email or phone 9452-5318) at least a few days before the training.

Departments with 5 or more interested faculty are encouraged to contact the TLC for a custom session. We generally hold custom training sessions after the midterm period.

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