Once again, although using Contribute for your web site is easy, the process is not for computer beginners. Our experience has shown that those without basic computer skills abandon their sites and waste computer resources and training time.

It's good to prepare, so that you can spend time on your Contribute site, not on logging into the computer.

  • Log on to your CCSF network account to make sure that your password is current
  • Log onto GroupWise and check your email regularly. It's how we'll communicate with you.
  • If you already have a fog account, log onto it. If you don't remember how or have forgotten your password, contact Vic at 415.452.5318.
  • Plan your site: think about what information and handouts you want to make available to you students

And please follow all the instructions for forms, accounts and preregistration at the bottom of the training page.

Log onto your CCSF accounts

Try to get a jump on these items. A password change on GroupWise or the Network can take up to a week.

Your fog account

  • fog is the computer that will hold your web pages. You must be able to log into it.
  • If you have an old fog account, try logging in. If you don't remember your password (or what you do to log in, please email Vic Fascio or call him at 452-5318.
  • If you have just received your fog account, we'll take you through the process of logging in and changing your password in the first part of the first training session (Please don't be late!).


  • Make sure that you remember how to log on to GroupWise. All TLC-generated communication about Contribute and your web site will be handled through GroupWise email..
  • Log onto your CCSF Windows network account. You have to do this on a Windows computer on the CCSF network. And not in a student lab: the computer has to be in a Faculty or Staff area. Since passwords change every 6 months, this can be tricky.
  • If you are a Mac user at CCSF, and use a shared computer, get a personal account installed on it. Call the Help Desk (239-3711) or contact your local ITS person.
  • If you need to have your password changed on any of these accounts, call the Help Desk (239-3711) during business hours.

Check the TLC and  Contribute Web sites (this site) for updates

  • There may be new announcements that affect what you need to do
  • New tips can help you get your work done
  • Get a heads up on workshops and update sessions planned for the next few months


  • Think about what you'd like to accomplish
  • Know your own basic information: Office hours, CRN numbers, schedule.
  • Gather materials (syllabi, assignments, whatever) together. Put them on a Zip disk, CD, Flash drive or floppy, or email them as attachments to yourself to that you can get to them in the workshop
  • Bring your saved materials to the Contribute sessions, initial trainings and updates.
  • Look over the Contribute documents available on this site and on Adobe to get ideas and answers to questions. Your work will go faster...
  • Write your questions down or send them to yourself or to Vic in an email.
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Last updated: 08/08/2007