19th century
Dr. Robert Thornton (1768 - 1837). England
In accordance with his unusual concept, the book The Temple of Flora departed from previous botanical illustrations in showing flowers in mystical and surreal landscape settings.
The images were painted by Peter Henderson and Philip Reinagle.
Pierre-Joseph Redoute (1759-1840), a most celebrated French Painter and botanist of his time
Walter Hood Fitch (1817 - 1892) , Scotland.
Heinrich Wilhelm Schott (1794 - 1865), Austria
Augusta Innes Withers (1793-1864)
William Sharp (1803-1875), Anglo-American
George Brookshaw (1751-1823), England
The second half of 19th century was a time of a relative decline of artistic botanical illustration. The likely reason was the invention of photography, but still the tradition continued and important works were made primarily in England and France.