20th century

Benedetto Rinio

Italian herbalist who compiled one of the most well-known herbal encyclopedias of the era. Rinio's Liber de simplicibus, published in Venice in 1410, contained 440 illustrations by Venetian artist Andrea Amadio.

Despite the dominance of photography as a documentary tool in the twentieth century, drawings are still in a great demand. Detailed drawings can focus on and highlight details that the scientist needs. Botanical and other technical illustrations continue to be created side by side with photographs (and films).

Botanical Illustration is one of the oldest watercolor genres. Today artists use a wider range of materials than their predecessors – colour pencil and sumi ink have been added to the traditions of watercolour and pen and ink.

Alfred Parsons (1847-1920), England. ill.1910
John Nash, 1927
Ann Schweizer, 1930. South Africa
Jessica Tcherepnine , born 1938
Pandora Sellars. born 1936, England
Mariko Imai. 1942, Japan
Bridgit Edwards. 1940, England
Ann Swan. 1949, England
Stephanie Berni. born 1949, Australia
Ann Webster. born 1955, Australia
Alexander Viazmensky. born 1946, Russia
Carol Ann Morley. born 1942, England
Rory McEwen (1932–1982). Scotland
Leslie Carol Berge . born 1959, US
Brian Poole. born 1953, New Zealand
Margaret Mee. (1909-1988), English born, lived in Brazil