City College of San Francisco
Course Outline of Record
Course Status: Active
A. Approval Date September 2014
B. Effective Semester No Semester Provided
C. Department Business
D. Course Number COMP 9928
E. Course Title PowerPoint for Business
F. Course Outline Originator System Loaded
G. Department Chairperson Ophelia Clark
H. Dean Kimberly Harvell
A. Hours
45 total
B. Prerequisite None
    Corequisite None
    Pre/Corequisite None
    Advisory ESLN 3700 or TRST 2321; COMP 9245 or COMP 9905
    Advisory Pre/Corequisite None
C. Course Justification This course covers basic to intermediate presentation graphics skills using Microsoft PowerPoint. It is a requirement towards for a business certificate.
D. Field Trips Optional
E. Method of Grading Letter or Pass/No Pass or Satisfactory Progress
F. Repeatability As needed
Instruction in the fundamentals of Power Point, the presentation graphics application of Microsoft Office. It is designed for the office business professional or other serious computer user. Topics include creating a PowerPoint slide show, adding visuals to enhance a slide show, customizing a presentation, and delivering a presentation.
Upon completion of this course, a student will be able to:
  1. Identify the PowerPoint Window components.
  2. Insert text placeholders.
  3. Create a basic presentation and help.
  4. Preview and print a slideshow.
  5. Format text on a slide.
  6. Insert objects into a presentation
  7. Modify themes in a presentation.
  1. PowerPoint Window
    1. Ribbon
    2. Thumbnail pane and slide pane
    3. Quick Access toolbar
      1. Normal view
      2. Outline view
      3. Slider Sorter
      4. Reading button
      5. Notes and comments button
    5. Status bar and zoom slider
  2. Text Placeholders
    1. Placeholders
      1. Text placeholder
      2. Title placeholder
      3. Subtitle placeholder
    2. Objects
    3. AutoFit
  3. Basic Presentation
    1. New slides
    2. Indented bulleted lists
    3. Design tab and themes
      1. Themes group/More button
      2. Next slide button
      3. Previous slide button
    4. Views and Help
      1. Outline view button
      2. Slide sorter button
      3. Notes Page button
      4. Normal button
    5. Slide Show
      1. Delivery tips
      2. Navigation
  4. Preview and Print
    1. Current printer
    2. Preview pane
    3. Settings group
  5. Format Text and Shapes
    1. Format and mini toolbar
    2. Outlines
      1. Outline panel
      2. Collapsing/Expanding panel
      3. Delete
    3. Text converted SmartArt
    4. Shapes
      1. Edit
      2. Merged
    5. Align and Group
      1. Grid and guides
      2. Horizontal and vertical guides
      3. Smart Guide
      4. Alignment
  6. Objects
    1. Text boxes
    2. Pictures
    3. Charts
      1. Data
      2. Tables
      3. Graphs
    4. WordArt
    5. Footers
  7. Master Themes
    1. Background
    2. Theme
  8. Import MS Word
  9. Animate
    1. Transitions
    2. Timing
    3. Animation
  10. Presentation
    1. Effective presentation delivery
    2. 12 Tips for a knockout business presentation

  1. Assignments
    1. In-class assignment: a. Individual lab exercises on topics such as working with the Ribbon, QuickAcccess tools, document pane, backstage, procedural steps inserting placeholder text, resizing graphics, inserting new slides, selecting layouts, printing, PDF conversion, etc.
    2. In-class assignment: b. Optional group field trips to observe PowerPoint presentations available through a speaker series, or supplemented PowerPoint vocational training opportunity through Jewish Vocational Services (JVS).
    3. In-class assignment: c. End of class oral PowerPoint presentation on a business, office, customer service topic.
    4. Out-of-class assignment: a. Reading assignments on topics such as bitmaps, graphic optimization, vectors shapes, resolution, working with PDF's, saving documents for Web delivery, and customer service concepts.
    5. Out-of-class assignment: b. Research content for a final project.
    6. Out-of-class assignment: c. Enroll with the San Francisco Public Library (SFPL) and obtain a library eBook pin number.
    7. Out-of-class assignment: d. Installation of a 30-day trail of Microsoft Office
  2. Evaluation
    1. Performance: Successful completion and submission of in-class assigned lab assignments such as multiple-choice and TIP concepts review, apply your skills lab, extend your skills challenges.
    2. Exams/Quizzes/Tests: Written tests and quizzes on MS PowerPoint on topics such as the toolbars, Ribbon, QuickAccess toolbar, document pane, backstage, procedural knowledge inserting and rearranging slides, selections, transitions, animations, PowerPoint conversion to PDF.
    3. Final Assessment: Final project such as an individual PowerPoint Presentation.
  3. Representative Textbooks and Other Instructional Materials
    1. Fehl, Alex. Microsoft PowerPoint Essentials. Labyrinth Learning.
    2. Instructor-generated handouts and exercises on topics such as graphic formats, resolution, PDF optimization, and keyboard shortcuts
    3. Website: http://
    4. Website:
    5. Website: