City College of San Francisco
Course Outline of Record
Course Status: Active
A. Approval Date September 2014
B. Effective Semester No Semester Provided
C. Department Business
D. Course Number COMP 9944
E. Course Title Acrobat for Bus/Office
F. Course Outline Originator System Loaded
G. Department Chairperson Ophelia Clark
H. Dean Kimberly Harvell
A. Hours
45 total
B. Prerequisite None
    Corequisite None
    Pre/Corequisite None
    Advisory ESLN 3700 or TRST 2321; COMP 9245 or COMP 9905
    Advisory Pre/Corequisite None
C. Course Justification Adobe Acrobat Professional is an industry standard business office document tool. Students develop new business office vocabulary and document conversion and portfolio skills that will lead to increased employability or job opportunity.The course is part of our business certificate offering(s)
D. Field Trips Optional
E. Method of Grading Letter or Pass/No Pass
F. Repeatability As needed
An introductory hands-on project based course teaching business office students PDF document conversion, document consolidation, interactive form creation, PDF optimization, redaction, security, electronic PDF distribution, and portfolio development. Students will create interactive business/office forms for electronic distribution
Upon completion of this course, a student will be able to:
  1. List file formats.
  2. Describe the workspace
  3. Create PDF documents.
  4. Work with PDF files.
  5. Enhance PDF documents.
  6. Edit content in a PDF.
  7. Consolidate file types
  8. Assemble interactive forms.
  9. Apply security.
  1. File Extensions
    1. Microsoft Office file extensions
    2. Business office graphic file extensions
    3. Business video and sound file extensions
  2. The Work Area
    1. PDF document
    2. Toolbars
    3. Task panes
    4. Navigate PDF document
    5. Set documents for online viewing
  3. PDF Documents
    1. PDF Maker
    2. PDF from MS Office
    3. PDF from the clipboard
    4. Scanned text editable and searchable
    5. Web pages to PDF
  4. Business Office PDF Files
    1. Onscreen display
    2. Changing the opening view
    3. Reading and searching PDF documents
    4. Making files accessible and tags
  5. Enhancing Business Office PDF Documents
    1. Manipulate pages
    2. Links
    3. Bates numbering
    4. Set document properties and metadata
  6. Edit Office Documents
    1. Redact content
    2. Graphics
    3. Export to PowerPoint
    4. Save PDF's as Word documents
    5. Extract PDF tables as Excel spreadsheets
  7. Combine Assets
    1. Select files
    2. Arrange pages
    3. Merge documents
    4. PDF Portfolio
  8. Interactive business forms
    1. Convert PDF files to interactive PDF
    2. Form fields
    3. Specify an answer format
  9. Security
    1. Review security settings
    2. Apply security
      1. Restrict print
      2. Restrict selections
  10. Adobe Document Solutions
    1. Create a free acrobat cloud account
    2. Online storage and simple sharing

  1. Assignments
    1. In-class assignment: . In-class review and discussions of important computer and software concepts on topics such as PDF conversion technologies, merging, editing, and reordering files, extracting pages, and cloud based adobe document solutions.
    2. In-class assignment: In-class hands-on participating of instructor-led demonstrations such as: a. Document conversion with Adobe Acrobat Professional and PDFMaker, adding interactive form fields, applying security, researching and defining file formats such as xlsx, docx, pptx, html, jpg, swf, bmp. b. Optional group field trip to listen to a speaker presentation such as at a local Microsoft Office, Apple store, or Ocean Campus.
    3. In-class assignment: Individual in-class practice exercises such as: a. Create an interactive PDF form b. Insert sound and video into a PDF
    4. Out-of-class assignment: a. Installation of a 30-day trial of Adobe Acrobat Professional b. Online research and concept readings on bitmaps and vector shapes, creating forms and adding fields, scanning a document, etc. c. Enroll with the San Francisco Public Library (SFPL) and obtain a library eBook pin number
  2. Evaluation
    1. Performance: Successful completion and submission of in-class projects such as: a. Create an interactive form and add new fields b. Edit a PDF brochure c. Reorder pages in a PDF newsletter
    2. Exams/Quizzes/Tests: Tests and quizzes: Multiple choice, fill-in, and true/false and objective-based questions will test students' knowledge on topics and terminology such as identifying software components, navigation pane, document pane, task pane, and tool bars, file types, portfolio components, green technology, document redaction, and security
  3. Representative Textbooks and Other Instructional Materials
    1. Adobe Creative Team. Adobe Acrobat Classroom in a Book,. Pearson Education.
    2. Instructor-generated handouts and exercises
    3. Website: Optional Internet resources
    4. Website: Optional Internet resources
    5. Website: Optional Internet resources