City College of San Francisco
Course Outline of Record
Course Status: Active
A. Approval Date November 2016
B. Effective Semester Fall 2017
C. Department Business
D. Course Number COMP 9942
E. Course Title Microcomputer Lab
F. Course Outline Originator Rodolfo Padilla
F. Co-Contributor(s):
Tanaka Gaines
G. Department Chairperson Ophelia Clark
H. Dean Kimberly Harvell
A. Hours
45 total
B. Prerequisite None
    Corequisite Concurrent enrollment in any Business Department course.
    Pre/Corequisite None
    Advisory None
    Advisory Pre/Corequisite None
C. Course Justification Business Department credit and noncredit courses often require out-of-class assignments using a computer.
D. Field Trips No
E. Method of Grading No Grade
F. Repeatability As needed
Instructor-supervised computer lab for currently enrolled Business Department students. Students work independently on assignments given in other Business Department credit and noncredit courses.
Upon completion of this course, a student will be able to:
  1. Complete course assignments from other Business Department courses.
  2. Apply discipline-specific technologies and practical skills to complete assignments.
  1. Content varies according to the course for which the student is completing a Business Department assignment
    1. Operating systems
      1. Start screen and desktop
      2. File management
    2. Word processing software
      1. Business letters and memos
      2. Mail merge and tables
    3. Spreadsheet software
      1. Formulas and functions
      2. Charts
    4. Database software
      1. Relational databases
      2. Queries and forms
      3. Reports
    5. Presentation software
      1. Multimedia presentations
      2. Tables and charts
      3. Embed commands
      4. Image editing
  2. Discipline-specific technologies as needed
    1. Accounting software such as QuickBooks
      1. Financial statements
      2. Bank reconciliations
      3. Payroll
    2. Web development 
      1. Web pages
      2. HTML coding
      3. Image optimization
    3. Portable documents
      1. PDF development
      2. Interactive documents
        1. Forms
        2. Applications
    4. Cloud-based tasks
      1. Content management
        1. Google Drive
        2. MS OneDrive
      2. Word processing
      3. Spreadsheets
      4. Presentation tools
      5. Surveys
      6. Blogs
  3. Internet
    1. Working with browsers
      1. Chrome
      2. Firefox
      3. Edge
      4. Safari
    2. Email
      1. Send / receive
      2. Cc / Bc
      3. Signatures
    3. Labor market research
      1. Occupational guides
      2. Projections
    4. Job preparation documents as needed
      1. Cover letters
      2. Resumes
    5. Employment research
      1. Online applications
      2. Mission statements
      3. Mock interviews
    6. Portfolio development
  1. Assignments
    1. In-class assignment: Complete course-specific assignments, such as: build a web page using Adobe Dreamweaver, prepare a bank reconciliation using QuickBooks, create a presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint, develop well crated employment documents, create a survey in Google Docs.
  2. Evaluation
    1. Other: Survey students on the completion of course assignments, such as were they able to remain on task/focused in the completion of course assignments.
    2. Performance: Course-specific assignments will be evaluated in the originating course
  3. Representative Textbooks and Other Instructional Materials
    1. Students will provide textbooks and assignments required in other CCSF Business Department courses
    2. Students will provide instructional materials required in other CCSF Business Department courses