Find the description of the website you want. Read the description carefully, then click on the link. Your computer page will change to the website page you chose.Then, follow the directions on the website carefully to use it properly. You can use these w ebsites to sharpen your English writing, speaking, and listening skills.


This is an important website for listening and practicing the many dialogues and grammar talks that are central to the Mission Language Lab experience.


Click on “Touch Typing.” Change page. In this page, click on “Regular Keyboard.” Change page. In this page, click on the lesson you want from the drop down menu. Click “exit” when you want to go to a new lesson. If you don’t know the touch typing system, you should learn it. It will be useful in writing and in any website studying you want to do.

This is a more advanced typing exercise website. Use this one after you have completed sense-lang. It will help you to type with more accuracy and speed.


At this website, you will find grammar practices and videos to increase your understanding of English grammar.You'll also find links to other Language Lab websites and pronunciation exercises.

This is a good website for grammar practice. The exercises are blank fill exercises. Go to the left menu and click on verb tenses. Change page. In this page, click on the verb tense you want to review. If you click “check”, your answers will be corrected. The correct answers will remain in bold type, and the incorrect answers will be left for you to change. If you click “hint”, the first letter of the correct word will be given.

This website has exercises in writing grammar. You must be able to type to use this website. You have to write the whole sentence with just a few words as cues. For example,

Present Progressive:  It/to rain_____________________

You write: It is raining.

This website shows your mistake in red lettering. You can correct your mistakes and check again.

High Quality Grammar Exercises. These exercises are for Levels 1 to 4, but some of the exercises are really intermediate and high intermediate. You don’t need typing skills. You just click on a, b, c, or d. You get immediate feedback and percentage scores.

This website is a British English ESL site. Some usages are not American English. But, the grammar explanations and exercises are clear and useful. Find "Learn English Hot Links" on the left side of the page, and click on your interests. Click on "Grammar" to find verb tense review and other grammar lessons.


This is a good website for listening exercises. Click on the subject you want, and do all the exercises. To play the recording, choose “Real Player.”

New Short Stories for ESL Learners at the Low Intermediate Level, or 100 free short stories for ESL learners, with listening, grammar, comprehension, and dictation exercises.

Change page. In this page, click on the story you want. Change page. In this page, click on “Real Player” to hear the story and read it at the same time. There are also multiple choice comprehension questions.

I really love this website! Click on interviews, and you have a choice of many audio interviews for comprehension. These are conversations between people from different countries, so you hear a lot of variety in the accents. There are also video segments. With both audio and video segments, there are quizzes to check your comprehension.

This website has many news stories and articles for listening and reading. As you listen to the audio file, you can read the text of the news item or article.


Videos of a fine teacher explaining grammar at different levels coded blue, green, and orange. The green level has lessons on passive voice which are very clear and useful.

A great website for video. Next to each video, there is a space where the written text of the video appears. You can really increase your vocabulary. Click on “watch” to see the vast and growing selection of video material. You can repeat a segment of the video by clicking on the circle with the arrow at the end.

In this website, click archives and look for a video that interests you. This is for high intermediate and advanced students with good listening skills. There are subtitles for some programs.

A fun website if you like movies. These are movie previews you can watch, then you answer questions about the previews, the stars, and some trivia questions. There are no subtitles.

No subtitles here, but a lot of interesting and funny videos.

Here are some nice videos for the Christmas season. Merry Christmas, everybody!!


We have a wonderful new teacher at our school, Ana Wu. She has a lot of interesting and cool stuff. The above link will take you to her amazing list of websites. Enjoy!

Another fine teacher at our school is Armenuhi Hovhannes. She is an expert in technology. The above is her links page. She will continue to update it, so check back.

FYI, this is Armen's City College page:

No list of websites would be complete without Eve Tarquino's blog. She is another fine teacher at City College of San Francisco, Mission Campus. She teaches intermediate levels often.

Check back to this website and the other teachers. We are constantly updating them.