Rocks in steam meeting ocean

Academic Background

B.S. Geology: Caltech; Pasadena, CA 1990 *
M.S. Marine Geology: Oregon State University; Corvallis, OR 1992
Wiese, K., 1992, Geochemistry and geochronology of the Eyjafjoll Volcanic System, Iceland: thesis, Oregon State University, 230 p.
Post Graduate Courses in Geochemistry: Stanford; Palo Alto, CA 1994-95
Post Graduate Courses in Physiology, Organic Chemistry, HTML, CSS, PERL, JAVASCRIPT, ARCGIS, African American History, Spanish: City College of San Francisco, 2000-today

Professional Background

City College of San Francisco (1995 to present)

  • Professor of Geology and Oceanography (1995 to present)
  • Developer: Earth Rocks! Video Tutorials (2012 to present) -- Open Education Resources for Geoscience Education
  • CurricUNET Administrator (Fall 2012 through Fall 2016)
  • Student Learning Outcomes (SLO) Coordinator (Fall 2012 to Fall 2015)
  • Earth Science Department Chair (Fall 2006, Fall 2009 through Fall 2012)
  • Developer: Story of Time and Life exhibit (2001 to present)
  • Developer: Earth Sciences Department website (2001 to present)

Smithsonian Journeys -- Tour Science Expert/Study Leader (2017 to present) -- Svalbard, Iceland, Peru (Machu Picchu), Ecuador (Quito + Galapagos), Antarctica

On the Cutting Edge -- Improving Undergraduate Education in the Geosciences through Professional Development (Project Website):

Co-PI -- 2011 through 2016
Convener: Workshop Leader:

TenFold Corporation -- Programmer, Professional Trainer/Instructor, Intranet Webmaster, Editor (1998-2001)

Holy Names High School, Oakland -- (1996-1998) -- Teacher: Physics, A.P. Calculus, Statistics, Trigonometry, Algebra

Stanford University -- Lab Instructor (1994-1995)-- Volcanology, Igneous Petrology, Geochemistry

United State Geological Survey, Menlo Park, CA -- Geologist (1992-1994)

Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory: Researcher: Lucky Strike, hydrothermal vent cruise, Mid-Atlantic Ridge (1993); Gorda Ridge Equipment testing cruise (1992)

Oregon State University -- Lab Instructor (1990-1992)-- Volcanology, Igneous Petrology, Geology

Hawaiian Institute of Geophysics: Researcher: Geochemistry of Xenoliths from East Pacific Rise (1989)

University of New England, Australia: Researcher: Geochemistry of Tin-mineralizing granites (1988)

University of Washington, Department of Astrophysics: AIPS Image Processing: Shaping of planetary nebulae (1987)

Boards, Advisory Committees, Working Groups, & Collaborations

OIMB REU Advisory Committee: Oregon Intitute of Marine Biology -- 2016 to present

Network Participant: Biodiversity Literacy in Undergraduate Education - Data Initiative (BLUE Data Network) -- 2017

AGU Cinema Group Member -- 2014-2017

NAGT Professional Development Committee -- 2014-2017

North Carolina State University Open Education Resource Colalborative -- 2014-2016

Board Member AGU Heads and Chairs -- 2010-2013

NAGT representative/organizer of 2YC faculty dinner at AGU -- 2010-2013


Hayward Award for Teaching Excellence -- Academic Senate for California Community Colleges -- 2014

Monticello Research Fellowship -- Caltech Award for Summer -- 1989

High School Valedictorian -- Bellarmine Preparatory School -- 1986


Kuwabara, James S.; Lynch, Dennis D.; Topping, Brent R.; Murphy, Fred; Carter, James L.; Simon, Nancy S.; Parchaso, Francis; Wood, Tamara M.; Lindenberg, Mary K.; Wiese, Katryn; Avanzino, Ronald J., 2007. Quantifying the Benthic Source of Nutrients to the Water Column of Upper Klamath Lake, Oregon. Geological Survey (U.S.) Open-File Report 2007-1276, 39 p.

Wiese, K., Kvenvolden, K., 1993, Introduction to microbial and thermal methane: Howell, D., ed., The Future of Energy Gases: Professional Paper 1570.

Wiese, K., 1992, Geochemistry and geochronology of the Eyjafjoll Volcanic System, Iceland: thesis, Oregon State University, 230 p.

Howell, D., ed., Wiese, K., Fanelli, M., Zink, L., Cole, F., assoc. eds., 1993, The Future of Energy Gases: Professional Paper 1570.

Howell, D., Wiese, K., Swinchatt, J., 1993, The gas gap: uncertainty in the supply of natural gas: Howell, D., ed., The Future of Energy Gases: Professional Paper 1570.

Howell, D., Cole, F., Fanelli, M., Wiese, K., 1993, Introduction to natural gas: Howell, D., ed., The Future of Energy Gases: Professional Paper 1570.

Howell, D., Cole, F., Fanelli, M., Wiese, K., 1993, Natural gas: Earth Magazine, v. 2, no. 5, p. 52-59.

Professional Meeting Contributions

Academic Senate for California Community Colleges (ASCCC) Student Learning Outcomes (SLO) Symposium -- January 2017 -- Gathering and Using Disaggregated SLO Data

AGU -- December 2016 -- AGU Cinema Meet the Filmaker Panelist

Community College League of California Annual Convention -- October 2016 -- Identifying and Addressing Performance Gaps Using Disaggregated SLOs -- Pam Mery, Craig Kleinman, Katryn Wiese

Earth Educator's Rendezvous (EER) -- July 2016 -- Poster Session: Earth Rocks! Video Tutorials -- Wiese, K.

AGU -- December 2014 -- Designing and Using Videos in Undergraduate Geoscience Education -- a workshop and resource website review -- Wiese, K., McConnell, D.

GSA -- October 2014 --

ASLO -- February 2014 --

AGU -- December 2013 --

AGU -- December 2012 --

  • Leader of student field trip on San Francisco Geology (on behalf of various programs)
  • Teaching Environmental Geology in the 21St Century: A Workshop Report, Mogk, D; Wiese, K; Castendyk, D; McDaris, J.
  • InTeGrate: Transforming the Teaching of Geoscience and Sustainability, Blockstein, D; Manduca, C; Bralower, T; Castendyk, D; Egger, A; Gosselin, D; Iverson, E; Matson, P; MacGregor, J; Mcconnell, D; Mogk, D; Nevle, R; Oches, E; Steer, D; Wiese, K

AGU -- December 2011 --

  • Preparing Future Geoscience Professionals: Needs, Strategies, Programs, and Online Resources (Invited) Heather Macdonald; Cathryn A. Manduca; Carol J. Ormand; Robyn W. Dunbar; Rachel J. Beane; Monica Bruckner; Tim J. Bralower; P. G. Feiss; Barbara J. Tewksbury; Katryn Wiese
  • Session Leader -- ED 11E -- Two-Year College Collaborations and Research: Broadening Participation and Enhancing Geoscience Education
  • Improving Climate Science Education by Supporting Faculty: Climate Programs from On the Cutting Edge (Invited) Katryn Wiese; Karin B. Kirk; Cathryn A. Manduca; Lucinda J. Shellito; Ester Sztein; Monica Z. Bruckner
  • On the Cutting Edge: Face-to-Face and Virtual Professional Development for Current and Future Geoscience Faculty Heather Macdonald; Cathryn A. Manduca; David W. Mogk; Barbara J. Tewksbury; Ellen A. Iverson; Karin B. Kirk; Rachel J. Beane; David McConnell; Katryn Wiese; Michael E. Wysession
  • Professional Development Opportunities for Two-Year College Geoscience Faculty: Issues, Opportunities, and Successes Eric M. Baer; Heather Macdonald; John R. McDaris; Frank D. Granshaw; Jennifer M. Wenner; Jan Hodder; Katrien van der Hoeven Kraft; Robert H. Filson; Laura A. Guertin; Katryn Wiese

AGU -- December 2010 -- Leader of official NAGT field trip on San Francisco Geology

AGU -- December 1993 --

Langmuir, C.H., Fornari, D., Colodner, D., Charlou, J-L, Costa, I., Desbruyeres, D., Desonie, D., Emerson, T., Fiala-Medioni, A., Fouquet, Y., Humpris, S., Saldanha, L., Sours-Page, R., Thatcher, M., Tivey, M., Van Cover, C., Von Damm, K., Wiese, K., Wilson, C., (Lucky Strike Team), 1993, Geological setting and characteristics of the Lucky Strike vent field at 37°N 17°W on the mid-Atlantic ridge, [abs] AGU.