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General Interest Math Sites

  • Platonic Realms -- Home Page I have to admit, I'm an unreconstructed Platonist myself, so this site intrigued me by name alone. It has more to offer than just a nice name though.
  • Math World is a huge reference web site with summary info on most mathematical topics. It evolved from "Eric's Treasure Trove of Mathematics", an impressive compendium of mathematical information that was published by CRC Press as a sort of math encyclopedia (more info here if you're interest). A simple web page for access to Eric Weisstein's main (and fascinating) encylopedic endeavors is here.
  • Math Forum (Drexel College) (Formerly known as the "Geometry Forum", and hosted by Swarthmore College.) A well-organized site full of resources for students, teachers, and the general "mathphile". Topics vary over a large range and span elementary to advanced treatments. A good place to start browsing for math content on the web.
  • Mathematics Achives (U. Tenn.) A well-organized site with voluminous coverage of the whole range of mathematics.
  • POP Mathematics (U. Tenn) An annotated selection of links intended to pique your interest in math. Check out the games and puzzles near the bottom of the page.
  • Mathematical Web Sites (Bellevue CC!) A very nice site organized by math teacher Larry Curnutt of Bellevue Community College. Lots of good content and links of interest to community college math students.
  • The Geometry Center (U. Minn.) Even though this site is now officially defunct, it still has a fair amount of good content for assorted geometry related topics. Check out the "interactive" programs.
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    Math Link Compilations

    The websites below provide lists of math-related links:

  • Math Internet Collection (Geometry Forum)
  • Mathematics Information Servers (U. Penn)
  • Topics in Mathematics (Mathematics Archives)
  • Institutes and Centers (Mathematics Archives)
  • Mathematics on the Web (AMS)
  • Mathematics by Topics (AMS)
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    Sites with Particular Focus

    History of Mathematics

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    Interesting Numbers

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    Tesselations (or Geometric "Tilings")

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    Other (to be better classified later :)

  • Topology Games Some fun interactive games exploring the geometry and topology of the torus and the klein bottle.
  • Math art gallery Some pretty pictures.
  • Alan Sokal: Articles on the "Social Text" Affair In which a physicist pulls a scholarly flim-flam on an elite group of pseudo-intellectual buzzword enamored academics. Quite an esoteric kinda way.
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    Sites of Special Interest to CCSF Math Students

  • How to Succeed in a Math Class Wise advise and tips from a veteran community college teacher on how to learn a lot and do well in your math classes!
  • Math Anxiety A very good discussion of "math anxiety": what it is, and how you can deal with it in a constructive way. (This web page is a bit long and takes a while to load. But it does make a lot of good (important!) points and provides many helpful suggestions. If you think it will benefit you, give it a read!)
  • Infinity An interesting page exploring some of the mysterious paradoxes associated with the notion of infinity.
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    Geometry (Math 50/55 at CCSF)

  • Euclid's Elements An excellent website providing a conveniently accessible version of this historically pre-eminent work of classical geometry, with copious comments to help modern readers dicipher Euclid's often archaic wording, and graced with wonderfully interactive figures which can be freely modified by clicking and dragging on vertices.
  • The Geometry of the Sphere A very well done exploration of basic geometry on the sphere, complete with interactive java graphics. Learn how surprisingly different the area of a spherical triangle behaves compared to the familiar Euclidean (plane) case.
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    Intermediate Algebra (Math 60 at CCSF)

  • S.O.S. Mathematics - Algebra An online text of intermediate algebra topics. Reference basic concepts/terminology, see worked examples.
  • "Proof" of the Claim that 1=2 using basic algebra. Can you find the fallacy in the argument presented? Here's another "Proof" that 1=2 involving the Complex Number "i".
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    Trigonometry (Math 95 at CCSF)

  • Dave's Short Trig Course. An excellent site!! A fairly detailed presentation of many of the essential topics trigonometry...supported with interactive Java applets sprinkled liberally throughout. The exposition is of high quality. A great resource for students of trig, and also for calculus students who want a nice review and some enrichment of their trig knowledge! [Note: The website here uses embedded Java applets on nearly every page, so you'll have to use a fairly recent web browser to view it, and sometime pages may be a bit slow to load.]
  • "Wikipedia" entry for Trigonometric Functions. An excellent summary of the trigonometric functions. In addition to a discussion of the six common trig functions, there are also descriptions of the less well-known trig functions (e.g. versine, exsecant, etc.). This link is a good source for history and word origins relating to the trig functions, and also a brief discussion of how trig function values are computed on calculators. Some nice diagrams relating trig functions to the unit circle.
  • Interactive "Circle Diagram" Illustrating the Six Trigonometric Functions. As you drag the red dot on the unit circle with your mouse, you can see color-coded directed line segments (whose lengths represent the six trigonometric functions) adjust to their new values in real time. Numerical values for the six trig functions (rounded to the thousandths) are also displayed.
  • Interactive Java applet relating the "Circle Diagram" for the tangent function with its graph in rectangular coordinates. Click the "t+" or "t-" buttons to adjust the input-value of the tangent function and see the associated circle diagram and graph of the tangent function updated. A similar applet can be viewed at this site (click the "Tangent" button at the bottom of the screen).
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    Calculus (Resources for Calculus I - III)

  • (formerly "Dave's Math Tables") A online table of integrals, circular and hyperbolic trig identities, and other useful formulas. (Of course, it's not in the same league as something like the "CRC Handbook", but it doesn't cost $50 either!).
  • Calculus graphics -- Douglas N. Arnold A collection of graphical illustrations, with commentary, of Calculus concepts.
  • Mathematica Notebooks/Tutorials Some nice tutorial materials on using Mathematica for exploring Calculus and Differential Equations. By Chris Barker of San Joaquin Delta Community College.
  • On-Line Hyperlinked Calculus I-III Study Guides/Texts

  • Web-Based Calculus Study Guides University of Oregon site with tutorial/review modules on a most standard Calculus topics .
  • S.O.S. Mathematics - Calculus An online Calculus text/guide.
  • Visual Calculus Another online Calculus text/guide.
  • Interactive Real Analysis "Real Analysis" is the term used for the rigorous modern presentation of Calculus and related topics (usually taught at the junior or senior college level in the U.S.). This is a quality website, and although the level here is more advanced then what you'll typically see in lower division Calculus courses, you may find it interesting to browse.
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    Calculus I (Math 110A at CCSF)

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    Calculus II (Math 110B at CCSF)

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    Calculus III (Math 110C at CCSF)

  • Interactive Introduction to Geometric Vectors. Click and drag the endpoints of arrows to see how all sorts of vector constructions (addition, dot and cross product, projections, etc.) vary as the vectors involved vary.  Requires a download of free demo version of "Geometer's Sketchpad" program (links/instructions on the web page).
  • Web Study Guide: Vector Calculus University of Oregon Web Study Guide modules for Calculus III.
  • Making Models of Surfaces by Hand Contruct models of interesting surfaces using string and other simple materials!
  • The KnotPlot Site Look at some of the many interesting (knotted) curves here. They were all produced via a parametrization!  Think about the curvature and the TNB frame data for some of these curves!
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    Linear Algebra (Math 130 / Math 120 at CCSF)

  • Linear Algebra Toolkit. This link is the "Entry Page" for a number of very nice Linear Algebra web-tools which allow for various interactive computations and provide clearly rendered and explained step-by-step results. Some of the tools include:
    • A very nice "Row operations calculator"
    • Additional tools for transforming a matrix into "Row" or "Reduced Row" Echelon Form.
    • A tool for "Solving linear systems"
    • A tool for "Calculating the (matrix) inverse using row operations""
    • A tool for "Calculating the determinant using row operations""
    • Tools for calculating whether a set of vectors (in R^n) is linearly dependent or independent, and finding a basis for the span of such vectors, and more.
    This wonderful resource is provided by Przemyslaw Bogacki of the Math Dept at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia.
  • Interactive Row-Reduction of Matrices. This webpage, provided by Marek Rychlik of the University of Arizona, allows you to enter a matrix, click the "Submit Matrix" button, and get a nicely rendered response webpage showing all the steps in the row reduction of your matrix. You must enter your matrix using the "MATLAB" program's matrix format. This means:
    • Matrix entries in a given row should be separated by commas ","
    • The end of each row (except the last) should be indicated by a semicolon ";"
    • The entire list of entries should begin with a "[" and end with a "]".
    If you don't enter your matrix correctly, you'll get an error message...fix the error and try again :-)
  • Interactive Introduction to Geometric Vectors. Click and drag the endpoints of arrows to see how all sorts of vector constructions (addition, dot and cross product, projections, etc.) vary as the vectors involved vary.  Requires a download of free demo version of "Geometer's Sketchpad" program (links/instructions on the web page).
  • Mathematics Archives - Topics in Mathematics - Linear Algebra The Math Archives Linear Algebra "jumping off" station. You can begin a search for new items here.
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    Differential Equations (Math 130 / Math 125 at CCSF)

  • Interactive Java Applets for ODE's Very Nice! A variety of Differential Equation graphing programs which run right in your browser (provided your browser is Java capable, e.g. versions 3.0 or later of Netscape/or IE). Enter an ODE, click on a "initial condition" in the viewing window, and the solution will be drawn. Note: Java applets may take a minute or two to load.
  • S.O.S. Mathematics - Differential Equations An online ODE's resource/guide.
  • Mathematics Archives - Topics in Mathematics - Ordinary Differential Equations The Math Archives ODE's "jumping off" station. You can begin a search for new items here.
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    Professional Organizations

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