July 24th, 2007

I came to the U. S. last year because I have my oldest daughter living in San Francisco for eleven years and she claimed me. So I got my papers like a new immigrant. I want to begin a new experience of life here in the U.S.

I lived before with my family in Montevideo, Uruguay. Now I am living with Patricia, my daughter in Noe Valley, here in San Francisco.

In my country Uruguay, I played several sports like tennis and swimming. I went to watch football soccer in the Centenario Stadium or in the New Central Park. My favorite soccer team is Nacional of Montevideo. Sometimes I went to parties or picnics in rural houses to eat roast beef.  My family took a vacation in summer, in January, near the border of Brazil. We often went to the beaches in Chui, Alvorada.

Now I go to parties with my daughter and friends in Dolores Park and other places. I rive bicycle by the streets of San Francisco and go swimming in the Mission Neighborhood Pool. On the weekends we go hiking by the mountains (yesterday we were in Hidden Villa near Palo Alto) and go to the beach (in Santa Cruz last Saturday).

Sometimes I like to visit the museums or walk by the coast to see the sea lions in Fisherman Warf, or take the cable car in Market Street near Embarcadero. There are a lot of things to do and to know in this city and in the area bay.

I think the U.S. is different in several aspects. In my home country, I have my old fellows and family but the economic situation is not good. So I prefer the U.S.

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