Adding a weekend course




Our weekend classes all fill up very fast, however, by the time of the orientation, many students do not show up and we can usually add everyone present. Provided there is space, you will get an add sticker and you MUST BE OFFICIALLY ENROLLED IN THE CLASS A DAY BEFORE THE FIELD TRIPS. In order to do so, you will have to access a computer and enroll in the class by doing the following:

Students new to CCSF and students that have been away from CCSF for more than a semester: You need to (re)apply for admission to CCSF. You can do this online. Note that it will take at least 24 hours before your application is processed and you can add the class (see instructions for adding a class once you are enrolled below).

Students that are already admitted to other classes at CCSF this semester or who have completed their application for admission to CCSF: You need to add this class before the first Saturday of the short term field class. Without registration, you are not insured during the field trip. You cannot participate in the course without being registered. Add the class using CCSF's Web4 system. Log on to and follow the prompts to add the class. You'll need to provide the CRN number of the course and the add code which you need to get during orientation.

If you are interested in pass/no pass - please select that option in the drop down menu. It is extremely hard to change this after the field part of the course has started.


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