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Try Le Notepad ! This page allows you to simply click on an accented letter to enter it into your text. Then cut and paste to your favorite word-processor.

In Windows, you may use the following combinations of keystrokes. Here is how it works: First, make sure NumLock is on. For é, press and hold the ALT key while you key in the numbers 0233 using the number pad on the right side of the keyboard. Here are all the combinations you should need!

  • ALT+0224-->à
  • ALT+0226-->â
  • ALT+0230-->æ
  • ALT+0231-->ç
  • ALT+0232-->è
  • ALT+0233-->é
  • ALT+0234-->ê
  • ALT+0235-->ë
  • ALT+0238-->î
  • ALT+0239-->ï
  • ALT+0244-->ô
  • ALT+0251-->û
  • ALT+0249-->ù
  • ALT+0156-->œ

For other languages see the Making International Characters in Windows page.


On a Macintosh, type in accents the same way you would to type accents when working with a word processor. For example, for an ? press and hold the option key and press the E key. Then, let go of both keys and press the E key again. Here are other letter combinations you may need.

  • OPTION + ` followed by e or a --> è or à
  • OPTION + i followed by i, a, or o --> ? ? or ?br>
  • OPTION + c --> ç
  • OPTION + e followed by e -->é
  • OPTION + q -->œ

For other languages, see the Making International Characters on a Mac page




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