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Besides being a great research, communication, and professional development tool for teachers, there are four major ways IMHO by which the internet can enhance the teaching of languages. The examples of each, given below, are not meant to be exhaustive, but are meant to suggest a range of possibilities.
  1. The WWW provides free, cross-platform access to documents and other resources from around the world; text, images, sound, and video. Students can access up to the minute information and "travel" to locations throughout the world, all the while using and understanding the target language. Teachers save time and money using on-line materials. The internet radio and TV are also great for sharpening, maintaining, and updating listening comprehension skills. Here are just a few examples:

    And here are some ways teachers have used them:

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  2. Instructors can place material on the WWW for easy, cross-platform access by students. Some possibilities are:

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  3. Allows students to communicate with native speakers and other speakers and learners of the target language. Here are just a few of the many possibilities:

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  4. Publishing student work on the WWW provides motivation and a place to store the finished product.
    • Visitez Oakland! Writing project by first semester Laney College students of French
    • Vivre à San Francisco Writing project by first semester CCSF students.
    • Découvrir Berkeley Project by second semester students at UC Berkeley.
    • French 3 Pages High school students at St. Ignatius College Prep write about their city and their school. Students designed their own pages using Adobe Page Mill.

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Some time-saving resources for language teachers interested in using the WWW in language teaching:

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