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Chapitre 3
jouer à ou jouer de?

Directions: After you fill in a blank, click anywhere on the page to check your answer. All the incorrect letters will be erased leaving only the part of your answer which is correct. Click on the ? button to see the correct answer. (If you have typed in the correct answer, nothing will change.) In order to type in an answer, the cursor must be visible inside the blank. Use the TAB key or the mouse.

Ecrivez au,à la, aux, du, de la,ou des selon le cas.
1. Barry joue baseball.

2. Eric joue basket.

3. David jouefootball.

4. Il joue piano aussi.

5. Carole joue violoncelle.

6. Edgar joueéchecs.

7. Jean-Pierre joue flûte.

8. Nous jouons cartes.

9.Wynton joue trompette.

10. Tommy joue flipper

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Quiz format adapted from KnowledgeDesign Instructional Resources by George Mitrevski, 1998