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Web Exercises to Accompany Allons-y

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Chapter préliminaire

Welcome! Soyez les bienvenus

Welcome to Paris! We will take a look at some websites to introduce you to French language and culture. You will be amazed at how much French you already know.
  1. First, take a look at the Paris Match web site. Can you identify one headline topic in this week's edition?
  2. Next, go to the French movie site, Click on Box-office. Can you tell which film is the top attendance getter this week in France? How many weeks has it been out? Can you identity the nationality of the film? Is it French? American? or from some other country? Click on the name of a film of your choice, then click on Voir la Bande annonce to view the film trailer.
  3. Finally we will visit the Pages Jaunes (yellow pages) website for Paris. At this remarkable site, you write in a Paris address and can then view the building. Go to the Pages Jaunes site, and write in No. 2 rue Pascal in the gold box. What kind of business is located at that address?


Web Exercises to Accompany Allons-y by Carol H. Reitan, 1998-2007.

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