Hand Tools

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Hand saw

The hand saw has a wooden handle.


Miter box and miter saw

The miter saw and miter box can cut 45 degrees accurately



The hacksaw has a thin blade.


Keyhole saw

The keyhole saw is for cutting in small spaces.



The file is a flat tool.


Claw hammer, framing hammer, roofing hammer

The claw hammer is on the left, the framing hammer is small, the roofing hammer is on the right.


Ballpeen hammer, bit maul, mallot


The ballpeen hammer is for metal work. The bit maul is for concrete and brick work. The mallot is for furniture and hardwood floors.



There are ten sawhorses in the picture.



The rake is for cleaning up



The prybar is as tall as the student.


Crow bar

The crowbar is for demolition


Long-handled dustpan

The lang-handled dustpan is an easy way to clean up.


Framing square

The framing square is for framing houses


Push broom, broom

The push broom is taller. The broom is shorter.


Dust mop

The dust mop is for cleaning the dust off of the floor.


Hand tamp

The hand tamp is tamping down the dirt.



The hand truck is for moving heavy loads, like appliances.


Slip-joint pliers

The slip joint pliers are on the table.


Sandpaper and sanding block

The sandpaper wraps around the sanding block.


Quick clamp (Bar clamp)

The quick clamp has many sizes. It's also called a bar clamp.


Wooden Mallot

The wooden mallot is for furniture, cabinets and floors.


Phillips screwdriver and flathead (standard) screwdriver

Every carpenter should carry a phillips and a flathead, or standard, screwdriver.


Hand drill, hand press

The hand drill and hand press are not as common as the power drill. (see power tools)


Hand plane, jack plane

The hand plane is two handed. The jack plane is one handed.



This chisel is sharp



The gouge is for circular cuts.


Adjustable wrench

An adjustable wrench is very handy.



Combination square

The combination square is a square and a level.

Channel locks (tongue and groove pliers)

The tongue and groove pliers are also called channel locks.


Wire cutters

Wire cutters are in the electrician's toolbox.

Ratchet (spanner) and socket set

The ratchet is also called a spanner. The sockets come in many sizes.


Caulking gun

The caulking gun is good for installing caulk, glue, sealant, and the other materials.


Measuring tape

The measuring tape shuld be in every carpenter's toolbox.


Chalk box

The chalk box is for making long straight lines.


Dry line (string)

A dryline is for measuring long straight lines.


Staple guns

Staple guns are for putting up construction paper, insulation, and other materials.



Plumb bob

The plumb bob is for mesuring vertical, or up and down, lines.


Speed Square

The speed square is handy for measuring rafters.


Needle-nosed pliers

These needle-nosed pliers are very long.


The level comes in many sizes.


Vise-grip locking pliers (Sure Grips)

The vise grip locking pliers can lock onto a nut or bolt.


Wonder bar

The wonder bar is handy for taking apart boards.


Cat's paw (nail remover)

The cat's paw is for taking out nails.



The wheelbarrow is good for moving heavy loads, like dirt or gravel or concrete.



The sledgehammer is is used in heavy-duty demolition.


Construction Strap

A construction strap is for lifting heavy loads.


Vise-Grip clamp

The vise-grip clamp holds things very tightly.


Linemans's pliers, tin snips

The lineman's pliers are used for bending and cutting wires. The tin snips can cut thin metal.