Language Quiz: Episode 1-Opening Day
Conversation Starters

When we meet someone for the first time, or when we want to talk to a stranger, it is often necessary to ask questions in order to have a conversation. Below, you will find some situations and possible questions you might ask to start a conversation. Some of the questions would be impolite to ask. For each situation, you need to choose the most polite question.

1.      You are in line at the post office. The person in front of you is holding a large package.
  1. This line is moving pretty fast, isn't it?
  2. Where are you sending that package?
  3. Do you send a lot of packages?

2.      You are a new student at this campus. You are standing in the hallway next to another student.
  1. Will you eat lunch with me?
  2. Did you drive to school?
  3. Have you been studying at this campus for very long?

3.      Dave invited you to a party. He has just introduced you to Sally.
  1. Glad to meet you, Sally. Are you married?
  2. Glad to meet you, Sally. How do you know Dave?
  3. Glad to meet you, Sally. Where did you get those nice shoes?

4.      You're standing next to a very thin man at the bus stop.
  1. How do you stay so thin?
  2. Do you take this bus often?
  3. Are you okay?

5.      You see a classmate who has been absent for two weeks.
  1. Have you been sick?
  2. Why haven't you been at school?
  3. How are you doing?

6.      You are in line at the supermarket. The woman in back of you has a baby.
  1. Cute baby! How old is she?
  2. Is that food for your dinner?
  3. Does your baby always come shopping with you?

7.      You are sitting next to someone on the bus. You want to practice your English.
  1. The weather is really beautiful today, isn't it?
  2. You don't mind if I practice my English on you, do you?
  3. Where are you going?

8.      Your new classmate tells you that he works as a waiter at the Hilton Hotel.
  1. Do you get good tips?
  2. Do you enjoy your work?
  3. Can you get me a job there?

9.      You are sitting on a bench at the park. A woman with a big dog comes and sits next to you.
  1. Wow! How much does that dog eat?
  2. Does your dog sleep with you?
  3. What's your dog's name?

10.      You are at a blackjack table at a casino in Reno. The man sitting next to you looks very tired.
  1. Have you lost a lot of money?
  2. Don't you think you should get some sleep?
  3. Are you having any luck?