Costa Rica Photo Gallery

Birds and Wildlife at Rancho Naturalista

January 2009 -- Digiscoped images by Joseph Morlan

Green-breasted Mango (Anthracothorax prevostii gracilirostris)
25 January 2009, Rancho Naturalista, Costa Rica These large, dark hummingbirds were fairly common at the feeders. They prefer open areas with scattered large trees. They range north to Mexico and vagrants have been recorded in Texas. Here you can see the purple-bronze tinge to the central tail-feathers but notice the mostly hidden purple-magenta outer tail-feathers which are tipped with black. This is another bird I think is misnamed. The males have a blue-black breast patch, not green. This species was formerly lumped with Veraguan Mango (Anthracothorax veraguensis) of Panama. Panasonic Lumix LZ5 / Nikon FieldScope 3 / 30X WA hand-held (no adapter)
Joseph Morlan