Ornithology 1 B Fall 2013 Calendar

If you miss a class, please check this page and study the listed topics in your field guide or in "The Birder's Handbook" by Ehrlich et al. ( Fireside, 1988). Many of the essays and species accounts from that book are available online. I also recommend visiting field trip sites on your own if you can't make the actual trips. The class calendar from spring 2012 is available here.

Note: Please park in the Hayes Street Parking lot. All spaces are available except disabled and reserved drop off for the child care center. If the lot is full and you park in the Grove Street lot you will likely get a parking ticket unless you display the temporary parking passes which have been emailed to all registered students. These passes must be stamped by the John Adams office!

Please register at eBird and email me your eBird ID. I can then offer to share field trip lists with you.

Click here for a summary of bird name changes from the 53rd AOU supplement.
Click here for a summary of bird name changes from the 54th AOU supplement.
My CCSF Biology Seminar on Hummingbirds is now available on YouTube.


December 17

December 10

December 3

November 26

November 19

November 12