Yellow-green Vireo
Phipps Ranch, Pescadero
San Mateo County, Calif.
Fri 09-26-1997

This morning I decided to try for the Yellow-green Vireo found yesterday at the Phipps Ranch in Pescadero by Bert McKee, Peter Metropulos and Barry Sauppe. I arrived about 10:30am to find Bert McKee looking at the vireo in the willows and alders along the edge of the "wild garden." We were able to study it for the next 20 minutes or so. Later the bird was still in the same area and I watched it for a while with Dan Keller. The following is based on notes taken while watching the bird:

The bird spent most of its time foraging in the willows by itself, but later joined a flock of chickadees and warblers. It was noticeably larger than the other birds in the flock. It often craned its neck and cocked its tail.

This is the fifth Yellow-green Vireo I have seen in California. Others were October 1985 at Stinson Beach; September 1990 at Middle Lake in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco; October 1993 at Bolinas Lagoon; and October 1995 at Lake Merced, San Francisco.

This appears to be the first record of this species for San Mateo County.

Joseph Morlan
380 Talbot Avenue #206
Pacifica, CA 94044