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Statewide Statistics 
Current State List: 641 
Top state lister: Guy McCaskie (598; 95%) 
Top Big Year: Vernon Howe (479 in 1996)
Close second: Andrew Howe (478 in 1996) 
Top Big Day: 244 on 28 Apr 1984 (D. Roberson, L.C. Binford, J. Langham, B.D. Parmeter, J. Parmeter) 
"Best Bird": Light-mantled Albatross 17 July 1994 at Cordell Bank MRN
Close second: Little Curlew 16 Sep-14 Oct 1984, 23-24 Sep 1988 & 4-20 Aug 1993 Santa Maria R. valley SBA/SLO and 6-24 Sep 1994 Carmel R. mouth MTY; although accepted as different records it is likely, given the ageing (juv 1st year, adult in following years) and its rarity, that the same bird was involved. 
Regional Editors for North American Birds
There are two Regions in the State. See pages for Northern California and Southern California
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Recommended References
The Distribution of the Birds of California by Grinnell and Miller
Rare Birds of California by Hamilton et al.

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