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County Statistics  
Current county list: 473
Top county lister: 440 (Stan Harris; 93%) 
Top Big Year: 316 in 2005 (Barry Sauppe) 
Close second/third: 313 in 1996 (David Fix) 
Top Big Day: 193 on 30 Apr 2007 (T. McKee, B. Sauppe) 
"Best Bird": White-winged Tern (23-26 Jun & 29 Aug 1996 Arcata) 
Close second: Chuck-will's-widow (4 Jan 1989 near Loleta) & Lesser Frigatebird (15 July 2007 Arcata)
Contenders: two Black Vultures, Common Greenshank, Magnificent Hummingbird, Whip-poor-will, Oriental Greenfinch 
Compilers for North American Birds: Jude Power (waterfowl - cranes)
Alexandra Lamb (shorebirds - finches)
Statistics last updated 1/08; see "explanations of county statistics" for details. Thank you to David Fix, Jude Claire Power, Gary Lester, John Sterling, and Rob Fowler for supplying some of the information here.

Bird Clubs
Redwood Region Audubon Society

Birding Sites
Humboldt County Birding Sites - Contributed by David Fix
Fairhaven Willows - Map by Tony Kurz
Arcata Marsh Wildlife Sanctuary
Humboldt County Coast - North
Humboldt County Coast - South
Humboldt Bay Wildlife Refuge
Mad River Slough
Eel River Wildlife Area
Elk River Wildlife Area
Fay Slough Wildlife Area
Big Lagoon
Humboldt Redwoods State Park
Redwood National Park
State Parks
Samoa Dunes Recreation Area
Mattole Recreation Site
Shelter Cove
Arcata Community Forest
King Range National Conservation Area

Other Birding Resources
Arcata Bird Box
North-western California Birding email list
Northwest Bird Blog
Castle Rock WebCam
Godwit Days Bird Festival
Redwood Sciences Laboratory
Humboldt State University Wildlife Department
Institute for Wildlife Studies
Humboldt County Bird Checklist
Redwood National Park Checklist
Checklist of the Birds of the King Range National Conservation Area

Recommended References
Northwestern California Birds 3rd ed (2005) by Stanley W. Harris, Humboldt State University Press.
A Guide to Birding In and Around Arcata (1995) City of Arcata.

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