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County Statistics 
Current county list: 425 
Top county lister: 395 (Tom Heindel; 95%) 
Top Big Year: none 
Top Big Day: 162 on 2 May 2008 (M. Brady, S. Glover, K. Nelson, J. Sterling)
"Best Bird": Varied Bunting (18-21 Nov 1977 Mesquite Springs, Death Valley)
Close second: Purple Gallinule (Oct-Dec 1997 Furnace Creek Ranch) 
Contenders: Cerulean, Connecticut, & Red-faced Warblers; White Wagtail; Snow Bunting 
Compiler for North American Birds: Tom & Jo Heindel
P.O. Box 400
Big Pine CA  93513
Statistics last updated 5/08; see "explanations of county statistics" for details. Thank you to Tom & Jo Heindel, Guy McCaskie, and Steve Glover for supplying some of the information here.

Bird Clubs
Eastern Sierra Audubon Society

Birding Sites
Eastern Sierra Birding Hotspots
Birchim Canyon
Farmer's Pond
Bishop Sewer Ponds
Brockman Lane Area
Warren and Klondike Lakes
Baker Creek Meadows
Steward Lane
Tinemaha Reservoir
Diaz Lake
Cottonwood Marshes
Dirty Socks Hot Springs
Keeler Wetlands
North Haiwee Reservoir
Southern Sierra Nevada & Kern River Valley Birding Tips - by Bob Barnes
Kern, Tulare, Kings and Inyo County Birding Spots - Alison Sheehey
Eastern Sierra Birding Trail
Death Valley National Park
Furnace Creek Golf Course
Stovepipe Wells
Scotty's Castle
Deep Springs College
China Ranch
Buttermilk Country Wildlife Area
White Mountains
Fish Slough
Inyo National Forest
Tuttle Creek Campground
Goodale Creek Campground
Horton Creek Campground

Other Birding Resources
Southeastern California Rare Bird Alert
Eastern Sierra Bird Sightings (current)
Eastern Sierra Bird Sightings (archive)
Eastern Sierra Birding Trails
Guidelines for Reporting Sightings & County bird list - Tom & Jo Heindel
Death Valley National Park Checklist
White Mountain Research Station
Death Valley Map
Birds and Birding in the Sierra-Nevada - Email list
Endangered Species

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