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County Statistics
Current county list: 432
Top 5 county lists: 410 John Wilson; 402 Matt Heindel; 398 Susan Steele, 379 Jon Dunn; 375 Andrew Howe
Top Big Year: 328 in 2011 (Susan Steele)
Top Big Day: 202 on 4 May 2002 (T. Easterla, S. Rovell, J.C. Sterling, S.B. Terrill)
Top 5 birds: Eye-browed Thrush (28 May 2001 Galileo Hills, Scott Terrill); Wood Sandpiper (23 May 2007 China Lake, Susan Steele). Arctic Warbler (6-10 2007 Galileo Hills, Susan Steele, Gjon Hazard),  Dusky Warbler (4-5 Oct 1997 near Cantil, David Blue, Matt Heindel), Rustic Bunting (7-10 Nov 1993 near Cantil, Matt Heindel)
Compiler for North American Birds:
Kelli Heindel-Levinson
1819 Locust Ravine
Bakersfield, CA 93306
Statistics last updated 1/08; see "explanations of county statistics" for details. Thank you to Bob Barnes, Matt Heindel, Guy McCaskie, Michael A. Patten, Mark Chichester, Rick Saval, Mike San Miguel, Steve Rovell, Alison Sheehey, and  John Wilson for supplying the info here.

Bird Clubs
Kern Audubon Society, Bakersfield
Kerncrest Audubon Society, Ridgecrest
Tehachapi Mountains Birding Club
Mojave Desert Bird Club
Central Valley Bird Club

Birding Sites
Where to Bird in Kern County - by Alison Sheehey
Kern, Tulare, Kings and Inyo County Birding Spots - Alison Sheehey
Southern Sierra Nevada & Kern River Valley Birding Tips - by Bob Barnes
Birds of Galileo Hill - Andrew Howe
Audubon Kern River Preserve
Buena Vista Lake
Bitter Creek National Wildlife Refuge
California City
Carrizo Plain National Monument
Desert Tortoise Natural Area
Galileo Hill
Greenhorn Mountain Park
Hart Memorial Park
Kern and Pixley National Wildlife Refuges
Kern River Parkway
Keyesville Special Management Area
Lake Isabella
Lake Ming
Los Padres National Forest
Lower Kern Canyon
Red Rock Canyon
Ridgecrest Bird Watching - BLM site
State Parks
Tehachapi Mountain Park
Tule Elk Reserve
Upper Kern Canyon
Valley Wild
Windwolves Preserve

Other Birding Resources
Southeastern California Rare Bird Alert
Birds of Eastern Kern County - Manuscript by Matt Heindel published Dec. 2000
California Living Museum - Bakersfield
Endangered Species
Kern County Birding - Mailing List
Kern River Valley - Archive of sightings
Maturango Museum - Ridgecrest
Rose-ringed Parakeets of Bakersfield - Research by Alison Sheehey
Sierra Club Buena Vista Group
Sierra Club Condor Group - "Condor Flyer" online publication

Bird Checklists
Kern County Checklist - Checklist with thumbnail images
Buena Vista Lake - Checklist
Birds of Galileo Hill - Checklist by Andrew Howe
Desert Tortoise Preserve - Checklist
Edwards Air Force Base - Checklist
Hart Park - Checklist
Indian Wells Valley Bird Checklist
Kern National Wildlife Refuge - Checklist
Kern River Valley Checklist - Status and seasonal abundance codes
Kern River Parkway, Bakersfield - checklist

Recommended Reference
Birds of Eastern Kern County - Online manuscript by Matt Heindel published Dec. 2000

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