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County Statistics 
Current county list: 504
Top county lister: 466 (Kimball Garrett; 92%) 
Top Big Year: 357 in 2005 (Todd McGrath)
Close seconds: 347 in 2003 (Jon Feenstra), 345 in 1993 (Kevin Larson) 
Top Big Day: 224 on 29 Apr 2007 (Jon Feenstra, Todd McGrath, Mike & Michael San Miguel) 
"Best Bird": Common [Siberian] Stonechat (20-21 Oct 1995 San Clemente I.) 
 Close second: Gray-tailed Tattler (23 July 1981 Lancaster) 
Compiler for North American Birds: Kimball L. Garrett 
Natural History Musuem of Los Angeles County 
900 Exposition Blvd. 
Los Angeles CA  90007 

Statistics last updated 6/11; see "explanations of county statistics" for more details. Thank you to Kimball L. Garrett, Guy McCaskie, the late Mike San Miguel, Tim Kastelle, and Kevin Larson for supplying some of the information here.

Bird Clubs
Los Angeles Audubon Society, Los Angeles
El Dorado Audubon Society, Long Beach
San Fernando Valley Audubon Society, Van Nuys
Santa Monica Bay Audubon Society, Pacific Palisades
South Bay Audubon Society, Palos Verdes
Pomona Valley Audubon Society, Claremont
Pasadena Audubon Society, Pasadena
Whittier Audubon Society, Whittier
Mojave Desert Bird Club

Birding Sites
Los Angeles County Birding Spots
Los Angeles Birding

Los Angeles County Regional Parks
Palos Verdes Peninsula - Seawatching
Palos Verdes Peninsula - Landbird Sites
San Fernando Valley Birding Sites
Pasadena Birding Sites
El Dorado Regional Park and Nature Center
Audubon Center at Debs Park
Piute Ponds
Catalina Island
Trancas Lagoon
Malibu Lagoon
Topanga Lagoon
Ballona Lagoon
Ballona Wetlands
Ballona Birds
Los Cerritos Wetlands
Los Angeles River
Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area
Zuma Canyon
Los Angeles County State Parks
Angeles National Forest
Chilao Visitor Center

Other Birding Resources
Southern California BirdBox - Hotline: 818-952-5502 (# of loons is 5)
Los Angeles Rare Bird Alert
Los Angleles County Birding - Email list
Pasadena Audubon Mailing List
The Parrot Project
LA County Bird Reporting Guidelines - What to report to "North American Birds"
San Clemente Island Bald Eagle Nest - Live camera (requires Real Player)
Los Angeles County Natural History Museum
Moore Laboratory of Zoology - Occidental College
University of California Los Angeles
Los Angeles Bird Rescue
Los Angeles Zoo
Wrigley Institutute for Environmental Studies - Santa Catalina Island
Los Angeles County Checklist - Updated May 2000
Checkist for Santa Catalina Island
Los Angeles Area and Prado Basin Checklist - Bar graphs
Birds of Arroyo Seco
Harbor Park Checklist
Wilmington Drain Checklist
Banning Park Checklist
Pelagic Bird Checklist
Santa Monica Mountains Checklist
Endangered Species

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