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County Statistics
Current county list: 332
Top county lister: 294 (Bradley M. Stovall; 88%)
Top Big Year: 232 in 2002 (Bradley M. Stovall)
Top Big Day: 148 on 1 June 2002 (Tim Manolis, Brad Stovall, Bruce Webb)
"Best Bird": Tricolored Heron (24 Aug-26 Sep 1971 Honey Lake)
Close seconds: Baikal Teal (27 Nov 1974 Honey L.) & Falcated Duck (19 Mar-9 Apr 2002, returning 2 Jan-11 Mar 2003 Honey L.)
Compiler for North American Birds
Ken Able
Bob's Creek Ranch
535-000 Little Valley Road
McArthur, CA 96056

Statistics last updated 3/06; see "explanations of county statistics" for details. Thank you to Tim Manolis and Brad Stovall for supplying some of the information here
Bird Clubs
Eagle Lake Audubon Society, Janesville

Birding Sites
Lassen County - Map
Birding Honey Lake
Eagle Lake
Honey Lake Wildlife Area
Ash Creek Wildlife Area
Silver Creek Wildlife Area
Willow Creek Wildlife Area
Hallelujah Junction Wildlife Area
Biscar Wildlife Area
Doyle Wildlife Area
Bass Hill Wildlife Area
Bizz Johnson Trail

Other Birding Resources
Lassen County Bird Checklist - Excel Format by Brad Stovall New!
Eagle Lake Biological Field Station
Birds and Birding in the Sierra-Nevada - Email list
NE Birding Email list (Modoc, Siskiyou, Lassen & Plumas)
Endangered Species

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