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County Statistics 
Current county list: 485
Top county lister: 467 (Rich Stallcup; 96%) 
Top Big Year: 362 in 1998 (Rich Stallcup) 
Top Big Day: 181* in "late Apr, early 1990s" (R. Stallcup; G. Bryan) 
"Best Bird": Light-mantled Albatross (17 July 1994 Cordell Bank)
Close second: Greater Sandplover (29 Jan-6 Apr 2001 Bolinas Lagoon) 
Contenders: Great-winged Petrel, Zone-tailed Hawk, Eur. Dotterel, Bristle-thighed Curlew, Sooty Tern, Eur. Skylark, Brown Shrike 
Compiler for North American Birds: Dan Maxwell
Statistics last updated 1/09; see "explanations of county statistics" for details. Thank you to Rich Stallcup, Keith Hansen, and Ken Burton for supplying some of the information here.

Bird Clubs
Marin Audubon Society

Birding Sites
Marin Birding Gazetteer
Gulf of the Farallons National Marine Sanctuary - Birdwatching map
Birding the San Francisco Bay Trail - pdf map and birding sites.
Point Reyes National Seashore
Tomales Bay State Park
Golden Gate National Recreation Area
Muir Woods National Monument
Bolinas Lagoon
Audubon Canyon Ranch
Mount Tamalpais State Park
Samuel P. Taylor State Park
Marin County State Parks
Coastal Conservancy Marin County Sites - map
Marin Municipal Water District - map
Las Gallinas Wildlife Ponds
Marin Trails - map
San Francisco Bay Trail - Interactive map
Marin County Parks
Sausalito City Parks
Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuary

Other Birding Resources
Recent Sightings
Bay Area Birding Calendar
Point Reyes Bird Observatory
Golden Gate Raptor Observatory
Richardson Bay Audubon Center
The Institute for Bird Populations
Point Reyes Field Seminars
Point Reyes Peninsula Ecology
Checklist of Marin County Birds - Shuford
Point Reyes National Seashore Checklist
Golden Gate National Recreation Area Checklist
Muir Woods National Monument Checklist
Cordell Bank Checklist
Gulf of the Farallons National Marine Sanctuary
Hawk Hill Raptors - Photos
North Bay Birds - Mailing list
Endangered Species

Recommended References
Marin County Breeding Bird Atlas (1993) by W. David Shuford, Bushtit Books.

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