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County Statistics 
Current County List: 490
Top county lister: 459 (Don Roberson; 93%) 
Top Big Year: 353 in 1996 (Don Roberson)
Close second: 348 in 1996 (Jim Booker) 
Top Big Day: 208 on 1 May 1999 (Steve Rovell, John Sterling, Scott Terrill)
"Best Bird": Swallow-tailed Gull (6-8 June 1985 Pacific Grove & Moss Landing)
Close second: Terek Sandpiper (28 Aug-23 Sep 1988 Carmel) 
Contenders: Great-winged Petrel, Little Curlew, White-winged Tern, Whip-poor-will, Gray Wagtail, Streak-backed Oriole 
Compiler for North American Birds
Don Roberson
282 Grove Acre Ave. 
Pacific Grove CA 93950
Statistics last updated 10/08; see "explanations of county statistics" for details. 

Bird Clubs

Monterey Peninsula Audubon Society

Birding Sites
Monterey Bay
Point Pinos
Carmel River mouth
Elkhorn Slough and Moss Landing
Central Coast Birding Trail, Monterey County
Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary
Elkhorn Slough National Estuarine Sanctuary
Moss Landing Wildlife Area
Salinas River National Wildlife Refuge
Point Lobos State Reserve
Big Sur River mouth and Point Sur
Andrew Molera State Park
Other State Parks
Lake San Antonio
Jacks Peak County Park
Garland Ranch Regional Park

Other Birding Resources
Monterey Birding- Don Roberson's page
Seabirds and Shorebirds of Monterey Bay by David Ainley and Scott Terrill
Shearwater Journeys Monterey Bay Pelagics
Monterey Bay Whale Watch- Seabird Pelagics
Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History
Ventana Wildlife Society
Elkhorn Slough Foundation
Birds of Elkhorn Slough
Eagle Watch Tours Lake San Antonio
Monterey Bay Seabirds
Birds of Point Lobos by Brian Weed
Fort Ord Natural Reserve
Big Creek Reserve- Big Sur Coast
Endangered Species
Condors Released at Big Sur
Offshore Weather at the Monterey Buoy
Monterey Bay Birding Festival
Monterey Bay Birds Mailing List
Elkhorn Sleuths Message Board

Moss Landing Marine Laboratories
Monterey Bay Aquarium- Aviary cam
Hopkins Marine Station
Hastings Natural History Reserve- Carmel Valley
Big Sur Ornithology Lab, Andrew Molera State Park
Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History, Pacific Grove

Recommended References
Monterey Birds , 2d ed.(2002) by Don Roberson
Atlas of the Breeding Birds of Monterey County(1993) by Roberson &Tenney
available for $12 postpaid to Monterey Pen. Audubon Soc., Box 985, Pacific
Grove CA 93950
Checklist of Birds of Monterey County, 11th ed. (2007) from same address as
Atlas for 1.00 ea + legal-size SASE.

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