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Regional Statistics  Current Regional List: 585
Top regional lister: Rich Stallcup (525; 90%) 
Top Big Year: 365 in 1991 (J. Sterling)
Top Big Day: 209 on 26 Apr 1986 (J. Parmeter, B. Keelan)
"Best Bird": Swallow-tailed Gull 6-8 June 1985 Pacific Grove/Moss Landing MTY & 3 Mar 1996 off Farallon Is. SF [note: bird chosen as best bird in
state not eligible in this Regional category; see "explanations"] Contenders: Lanceolated Warbler (11-12 Sep 1995), Red-flanked Bluetail (1 Nov 1989), Golden-cheeked Warbler (9 Sep 1971), all on SE Farallon I., SF 
Regional Editors for North American Birds

Loons-Frigates, Jaegers-Alcids
Steve Rottenborn
H.T. Harvey & Associates
983 University Avenue, Building D
Los Gatos, CA 95032
Jeff Davis
7815 N. Palm Ave., Suite 310
Fresno, CA 93711
Mike Rogers
499 Novato Ave.
Sunnyvale, CA 94086
Rob Fowler
1386 Fernwood Drive
McKinelyville, CA 95519

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Recommended References
"Birds of Northern California, 2nd edition" by Guy McCaskie, Paul De Benedictis, Richard Erickson & Joseph Morlan (Golden Gate Audubon Society, 1988) - (Click here for the
online 20MB pdf of this book)
Birding Northern California - Richmond
Birding Northern California- Kemper

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