Sacramento County (SAC) 
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County Statistics
Current county list: 310
Top county lister: 277 (John Trochet; 89%)
Top Big Year: 169 in 1998 (John Trochet)
Top Big Day: 131 on 18 Sep 2005 (Daryl Coldren, Chris Conard, Cliff Hawley, Ed Pandolfino)
"Best Bird": Yellow-green Vireo (2 Oct 1994 Cosumnes R. Preserve)
Close second: Wood Thrush (8 June 1996 Cosumnes R. Preserve)
Compiler for North American Birds: Chris Conard
2405 Rio Bravo Circle
Sacramento, CA  95826

Some (not all) statistics last updated 10/05; see "explanations of county statistics" for details. Thank you to Tim Manolis .John Trochet, and Ed Pandolfino for supplying some of the information here. 
Bird Clubs
Sacramento Audubon Society
Central Valley Bird Club
National Audubon Society - California State Office in Sacramento

Birding Sites
Discovery Park - Contributed by Doug Shaw
Folsom Lake State Recreation Area
Cosumnes River Preserve
Nimbus Fish Hatchery
Effie Yeaw Nature Center
American River Parkway
Sacramento Sanitary District Bufferlands
State Parks

Other Birding Resources
Sacramento County Checklist by Tim Manolis
Checklist with Bar Graphs for Cosumnes River Preserve
Cosumnes Birding Site Guide by John Trochet
Central Valley Birding Mailing List

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