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County Statistics 
Current county list: 476 
Top county lister: 444 (Brad Schram; 94%) 
Top Big Year: 358 in 2009 (Wes Fritz) 
Top Big Day: 187 on 1 May 2004 (J.N. Davis, W. Fritz, P. Gaede, M. Iliff)
"Best Bird": Little Curlew (16 Sep-14 Oct 1984 Santa Maria R. valley)
 Close second: Dusky Warbler (22-23 Oct 1993 Goleta) 
Compiler for North American Birds: Dave Compton
736 Cieneguitas, #F
Santa Barbara, CA 93110

Statistics last updated 02/10; see "explanations of county statistics" for details. Thank you to Paul Lehman, Joan Lentz, Dave Compton, Brad Schram, Peter Gaede, and Wes Fritz for providing some of the information here.

Bird Clubs
Santa Barbara Audubon Society, Santa Barbara
La Purisima Audubon Society, Lompoc, CA 93438

Birding Sites
Santa Barbara County Birding
Central Coast Birding Trail, Santa Barbara County

Birding Spots
UCSB Campus Lagoon
Goleta Slough
Andree Clark Refuge
Carpinteria Salt Marsh
Rincon Creek
Santa Barbara City Parks
State Parks
Point Sal
Coal Oil Point Reserve
Channel Islands
Los Padres National Forest

Other Birding Resources
Santa Barbara County Birding - Email discussion group
Santa Barbara Rare Bird Alert
Photos - Jim Greaves
Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History
Santa Barbara Zoological Gardens
Santa Barbara Botanic Garden
Truth Aquatics - Channel Island excursions
Channel Islands Aviation - Flights to Santa Rosa Island
Checklist of Birds of the Channel Islands National Park
Island Scrub-Jay
Endangered Species - Contributed by Mark Holmgren

Recommended Reference
Birds of Santa Barbara County (2017) by Paul E. Lehman
A Birder's Guide to the Lompoc Valley (revised edition 1997) by Gene Lynch

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