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Regional Statistics  Current Regional List: 579
Top regional lister: Guy McCaskie (550; 95%) 
Top Big Year: Vernon Howe &Andrew Howe in 1996 (tied at 437)
Close Big Year before RBAs: 428 in 1977 (G. McCaskie)
Top Big Day: 232 on 29 Apr 1978 (J.L. Dunn, K.L. Garrett, J.V. Remsen, R.E. Webster)  "Best Bird": Little Bunting 21-24 Oct 1991 Pt. Loma SD [see "explanations" for details]
Contenders: Ivory Gull (5 Jan 1996 Doheny Beach ORA), Eye-browed Thrush (28 May 2001 Galileo Hills KER), Siberian Stonechat (20-21 Oct 1995 San Clemente I., LA)
Regional Editors for North American Birds

Guy McCaskie 
San Diego Natural History Museum 
Balboa Park 
P.O. Box 1390 
San Diego, CA 92112
Kimball L. Garrett 
Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County 
900 Exposition Blvd. 
Los Angeles, CA 90007

Statistics last updated 4/05; see "explanations of state & regional statistics" for details. Send corrections/updates to
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Recommended References
Birds of Southern California - Garrett & Dunn
Birder's Guide To Southern California- Schram

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