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County Statistics
Current county list: 399 
Top 5 county lists: 363 Mike M. Rogers; 361 Steve Rottenborn; 358 Mike Mammoser; 348? Bob Reiling;
Top Big Year: 291 in 1994 (Steve Rottenborn) 
Top Big Day: 187 on 27 Apr 2013 (M.M. Rogers, S.C. Rottenborn) 
Top 5 Birds: Arctic Warbler (7 Sep 2000 Stevens Creek), Little Stint (16 July 2006 New Chicago Marsh); Louisiana Waterthrush (9-18 Aug 2004 Los Gatos); White Wagtail (15-17 Dec 1991 Coyote Creek);  Connecticut Warbler (25 Sep 1991)
Compiler for North American Birds: William G. Bousman
321 Arlington Way
Menlo Park CA 94025

Statistics last updated 1/12; see "explanations of county statistics" for details. Thank you to Bill Bousman, Steve Rottenborn, Mike Rogers and Mike Mammoser for supplying some of the information here.

Bird Clubs
Santa Clara Valley Audubon Society

Birding Sites
Birdwatching in Silicon Valley
Palo Alto Baylands Preserve
Mountain View Salt Ponds
Sunnyvale Salt Ponds
Palo Alto Waterfront
Don Edwards San Francisco Bay Wildlife Refuge
San Francisco Bay Trail - Interactive map
Birding the San Francisco Bay Trail - pdf map and birding sites.
Salt Ponds and their Numbers - Map
Birding the Almaden Valley - John Mariani's site guide and checklist
Birding the Alamitos Creek Trail - John Mariani
Birding Oka Ponds - Linda Sullivan
County Parks
Mountain View Shoreline
State Parks
Castle Rock State Park
Sunnyvale Baylands Park
Midpeninsula Open Space Preserves
Alum Rock Park
Almaden Lake Park
Guadalupe River Park and Gardens
Lake Cunningham

Other Birding Resources
Bay Area Birding Calendar
San Francisco Bay Bird Observatory
Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve
Hidden Villa
Birds of Stanford University
Bird Photos from Stanford's Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve
Bird Photography at Palo Alto Baylands
South Bay Birders Unlimited
Silicon Valley Birders
Bay Area Bird Photographers
Metropolitan Education Birding Classes
Palo Alto Adult School Birding Classes
Burrowing Owls at Mission College
San Francisco Bay Hemispheric Reserve
South Bay Birders' Mailing List

Santa Clara County Checklist - With bar-graphs
Almaden Valley Checklist
Checklist of Birds at San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge
Checklist of Birds at Henry W. Coe State Park
Livermore Birds - Seasonal Abundance Graphs and Location Checklists (By Art Edwards) Revised December 12 2007
Endangered Species

Recommended References
Birding at the Bottom of the Bay - Santa Clara Valley Audubon Society
Breeding Bird Atlas of Santa Clara County, California - Bill Bousman

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