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County Statistics
Current county list: 433
Top county lists: 406 David Suddjian; 356 Steve Gerow; 351 Roger Wolfe; 342 Earl Lebow; 339 Lois Goldfrank
Top Big Year: 316 in 2009 (David Suddjian) 
Top Big Day: 166 on 28 Apr 2012 (John Garrett, Alex Rinkert and Christian Schwartz) 
Top 5 Birds: Great-winged Petrel (18 Sep 2010), Brambling (15 Dec 1990-16 Feb 1991 Santa Cruz);  Dusky Warbler (14-22 Oct 1997 and 16-18 Oct 2008 Antonelli Pond, and 24 Oct 1997 Bethany Curve Park, Santa Cruz), Yellow Wagtail (4-6 Sep 1983 Younger Lagoon), Yellow Rail (25 Oct 2003 Harkins Slough)
Compiler for North American Birds: Steve Gerow
Statistics last updated 01/11; see "explanations of county statistics" for details. Thank you to Jeff Davis, David Suddjian, and Roger Wolfe for supplying some of the information here.

Bird Clubs
Santa Cruz Bird Club

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Santa Cruz County State Parks
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City of Santa Cruz Parks, Trails and Greenbelts

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