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County Statistics 
Current County List: 310
Top 5 county lists: 295 Bob Yutzy; 294 Carol Yutzy; 288 Red Modeen; 287 Nancy Modeen; 284 Bruce Deuel
Top Big Year: 258 in 2004 (Bob Yutzy)
Close second: 257 in 2004 (Carol Yutzy) 
Top Big Day: 176 on 3 May 2007 (Steve Glover, John Luther, John Sterling, Bob Yutzy) 
Top 5 Birds: Common Redpoll (Anderson and Dec 2011 - Jan 2012 Fall River area); Gyrfalcon (26 Dec 1987 McArthur); Laysan Albatross (Whiskeytown Lake); Yellow-billed Loon (30 Dec 1991-17 Feb 1992 Whiskeytown Lake); Black Scoter (2011-2012 Turtle Bay, Redding)
Compiler for North American Birds: Bob Yutzy 
P.O. Box 990237 
Redding CA  96099

Statistics last updated 5/07; see "explanations of county statistics" for details. Thank you to Bob & Carol Yutzy and John Sterling for supplying some of the information here.

Bird Clubs

Wintu Audubon Society
Central Valley Bird Club

Birding Sites
A Birders Guide to Shasta County - by Bob Yutzy Shasta County- Map
Birding the Redding Area
Lassen Volcanic National Park
Cinder Flats Wildlife Area
State Parks
Other Sacramento River BLM Access Areas
Interlakes Special BLM Areas
Whiskeytown Shasta Trinity National Recreation Area
Lassen National Forest
Shasta-Trinity National Forests

Other Birding Resources
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Endangered Species
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